I wanna ride your Joystick

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Vincent Tyle
Yoan Desanges
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Yoan and Vincent are two handsome twinks both 18 who are playing their games console compete with joystick. The boys both wrestle to decide whos turn it is to play next, when their eyes meet for a second which flares their desires and the two friends start kissing each other. After a sensual kissing session the boys caress and explore each others bodies the teens undress quickly and Vincent starts sucking Yoans cock before the roles are reversed with Yoan enjoying every inch in his mouth.Very excited by their intense cock sucking foreplay, Yoan takes a direct blow from Vincents long cock as it impales his ass. Yoan straddles over Vincents hard cock while moaning for several minutes more before breaking to get a good ass licking, by sitting squarely on Vincents face. During this little rimming session Yoan gets just about as excited as he can and is now ready for final assault on his sweet boy hole. Vincent has a field day and strikes big blows to Yoans ass with his long cock while giving him a few slaps. Vincent ends in a truly amazing way with a ejaculation on the ass of Yoan just before Yoan blows his load onto the sofa!

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