Six balls on the pool table

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Baptiste Garcia
Chris Loan
Vincent Tyle
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While playing billiards, Vincent Tyle tries a shot almost impossible to succeed. Chris Loan and Baptiste Garcia, who are sure he will fail, say to Vincent that if he put this ball in the hole he cans fuck them both. Stroke of luck or amazing talent, Vincent pulled it off... promises are made to be kept!Baptiste Garcia sucks the two big cocks of Chris and Vincent in turns before climbing on the pool table to get his ass rimmed by Chris. The three boys are very excited and Chris then begins to penetrate Baptistes ass. While Chris is fucking Baptiste, he deep throat sucks Vincents cock. The moans of pleasure reason in the room and Vincent hard as ever comes up behind Chris to fuck him. This sandwich on the pool table is super intense and obviously Chris enjoys being a bottom as he will then be pounded by Baptiste while sucking the dick of Vincent. The excitement is such that Baptiste will end up impaled in a double penetration on the two big cocks of Chris and Vincent, before to get two amazing facial cum-shots.

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