Bottom for the Very First Time I

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Chris Loan
Robin Castel
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Comfortably rested on the living room couch, Chris Loan and Robin Castel are playing video games. Great Friends and absorbed in their game the boys outright ignore Baptiste Garcia who leaves upset and vexed. When Chris realizes that his beloved boyfriend has left, he takes the opportunity to be closer to Robin and starts kissing him. Robin and Chris are terribly horny, their clothes are coming off fast and they are now naked on the couch, dick to dick jacking each other off.Robin is now deep sucking Chriss big cock and the 19-year-old twink delights with his tool ready to explode. Robin who has never yet been a bottom in his life embarks on the heat of the moment and just sits on the dick of Chris! He surprises himself by this courageous action, itslong before he really starts to enjoy his first anal and hes already asking for more. Chris has understood the message and hes going to smash harder and deeper this little virgin ass. At first ridden by Robin, Chris will then swing him on his back and send all his energy. By discovering this new pleasure, Robin moans louder and cannot keep from squirting while getting fucked. Seconds after the cumshot of Robin, Chris is on th

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