Bentley Race - scene 748

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Byron Atwood
Amateurs Australian Jocks Solo

My adorable mate Byron Atwood is back this week in a new shoot we did over winter. While I was staying in a high rise hotel in the city I took the chance to get a few of our cute mates over for some shoots. Byron is always super keen to get his gear off on camera. He picked out a jockstrap, socks and sneakers for this shoot. Hes been working out since I last saw him. His abs are looking amazing. Took loads of photos of Byron showing off his bum in that jockstrap. Later I end up jumping in on his video sucking on his beautiful uncut cock and tongue fucking his hole. I love the way he feels as he squirms around on my face. I cant wait to get him over for more shoots with me and our mates this summer.

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