Vintage Days Scene 185

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Anal Blowjobs Hardcore Pornstar Straight vs Gay Students Twinks

26-year-old Bryan just wants somewhere to put his dick. Sitting in a hot tub, he talks about how he discovered he was bi in high school and fooled around with guys. The very first straight dick he sucked was when he was a young, hot 17.He loves going to pubs and afterparties. teasing all the guys that his girlfriends are trying to work over, see how far he can push them. Mark joins him in the tub, and they start chatting, getting to know each other a bit whith small talk while the sexual tension simmers under the hot surface. They talk about kinky girls and how much Bryan loves to have his ass eaten.Taking the hint, Bryan starts jerking Mark off. Mark has only had his ass licked once before, so Bryan is eager to show him what hes been missing. He plunges his face and tongue deep into Marks crack before they get out of the tub to jump in bed and let the real fun begin.Bryan eagerly sucks that dick like some kind of nympho, taking every inch hard down his throat and covering it with his spit. Mark lays on his stomach so Bryan can eat his white bubble butt more. It all leads to Bryan fucking Marks face and feeding him some cum and then letting Mark cum all in his mouth as he eagerl

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