Ramu Gets Some Ricky

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Anal Asian Hardcore Japanese Twinks Young

New Japanboy Ramu is getting lots of attention and praise, so were sure youll be glad to see him back with another recent star, muscular top stud Rikiya, Ricky for short. Rickys on the bed waiting, breaking into a big smile to greet his partner for the evening when Ramu bounces onto the mattress. They lock in a kiss, then Ricky travels down to Ramus sensitive nips to give him a little tug. They are eager to taste each others swelling cocks, and the sexual temperature rises. Ramus a bit shy, being new at this, so he keeps his jock on. No matter, though, his beautiful ass is right out in the open for Ricky to finger and lick.Ramus hearty moans give Ricky all the encouragement he needs, and soon hes lubing up Ramus hungry hole for a deep raw insertion. He slides in deep and smooth. He thrusts fast, but not too rough. We can see the spark between these two Asian barebackers and its white hot. After he pumps his dick in from behind, he lies back and lets Ramu ride him at his own pace. When he crouches between Ramus thighs and enters, both of them are moaning like the big finish is straight up ahead. Ricky pulls Ramus cock out of his jock and starts beating in time with his o

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