The Fuji Treatment

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Anal Asian Hardcore Japanese Twinks Young

Its nice to see a veteran Japanboyz favorite roll out the fuzzy red carpet for a new hot model. Zen has been around a few months and has a loyal fanbase, but Fuji has years of hot fuck experience under his belt, so to speak. Hes ready to take on blond and sexxxy Zen for a hot bareback roll between the sheets. Zens hot and horny to get a piece of Fujis experienced ass. And one thing both these Japanboyz studs have in common is a preference for tight, close, passionate sex, so were in for a treat when they meet and mate.Fuji starts warming up Zens erotic motors with a juicy blowjob, crouched with his head buried in Zens crotch. Once he gets the young versatile studs tool in his mouth, he makes fast work of getting it stiff and slick for some raw sex. He lies back with his legs up and apart as Zen squeezes him tight and wraps his lean-muscled body around him in a close embrace. They make out like lovers with all the time in the world, enjoying every touch and the frisson of their bodies rubbing together. Zen slides his cock in just the way Fuji likes and theyre off to the slow smooth races. Twiddling each others nips as their gonads mingle, their connection heats up to a slo

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