Happy New Year 2019

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Alexis Tivoli
Doryann Marguet
Enzo Lemercier
Ethan Duval
Justin Leroy
Lucas Bouvier
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To end 2018 in style and open the festivities for 2019 we offer you the very first Gang Bang in the history of French Twinks Studios! No less than 5 of our models will share in turn the delicious little ass of Ethan Duval to celebrate the new year.In a cosy atmosphere, our six handsome boys kiss and play sensually with ice cubes and champagne. The eroticism of the situation and the voyeur - exhib games excite them to the highest point and they are quickly hard as wood. The bodies are mixed, hands are wandering and Enzo, Doryann, Lucas, Justin, Alexis and Ethan are soon naked, wearing a simple bow tie.The six boys are interacting in hot foreplays sucking and jacking off mutually. They look at each other with spirit and we can see in their eyes what they have in mind. Enzo then catches Ethan and begins to eat his tight hole. The docile twink moans with pleasure and offers a torrid show to his buddies who continue to masturbate and suck while watching.The five boys will relay one after the other to fuck Ethan sometimes standing, sitting, on all fours or lying down... The twink is thrilled in this submissive role and he lets his partners play with him as a real sex toy. After getting

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