Dirty Scout 298

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Another freshly graduated man looking for work, I simply love those. This one was a plumber and electrician. He was adorable. There is a big shortage of qualified manual workers so I was worried he might go somewhere else if I made a wrong move. I wanted to have sex with him so badly... The guy was extremely likeable and fun to talk to. Thats why I offered him a job at a casino. He was a bit surprised, but the salary got him interested. Flattering didnt seem to work much so I tried good old money to get in his pants. The dude was broke and greedy. Once I undressed him, it was smooth sailing from there. For a small-town guy, he was amazing. Maybe he liked my blowjob and wanted to show me he can do it, too. I couldnt wait to stuff my horny cock in that firm ass.

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