Pinning Uzin

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Anal Asian Hardcore Japanese Twinks Young

When two hot sporty Japanese guys doff their long yukata robes and strip down to the completely bare essentials, you know were in for a hot time. Tall, slim and pale, Uzin is the new boy. Akira is the experienced veteran Japanboy who gets to try Uzin on for size. Naked and getting horny already, they climb into a hot deep bath, which immediately splashes and overflows onto the tile floors. These naughty boys dont care, barely notice when they start making out. Uzin stands and Akira gives his stiff cock a long tender tongue job. The new boys hairless from the neck down, and Akira is turned on by his smooth new buddy.Uzin kneels in the tub to suck on Akiras big tool, then they retire to the bed for some hotter action. Uzin lies stomach down with his perky butt open and inviting. Akira lubes him up with a pair of fingers, gets him ready for a long deep screw. His raw cock slides in to the hilt as Uzin gasps for breath. He holds onto the sheets as Akira rams in hard. Once hes relaxed, he straddles Akira and eases his booty down onto the hot hard dick. Holding Akira by the chest, he grinds down with a dreamy smile. Akira takes charge with Uzins legs wrapped around his shoulders, d

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