Hot Coffee Colombia Part Five: Aguardiente and Bachata

( )
Nate Wayne
Vincent Landi
Anal College Hardcore Twinks

Its time to learn to dance the bachata rhythm. Nate teaches Vincent how to move his hips in this new episode of Hot Coffee Colombia. Of course, Vincent is going to need a little more than just the desire to dance: he needs to loosen up. Vincent is much bigger than Nate, the Colombian boy who moves his body sensually. They both drink brandy that loosens their nerves, now they move fluidly and a growing sexual excitement begins to rise.They are very attached to each other. Vincent supports Nate from behind as they move their hips. They take off their shirts, Nate cant take it anymore and puts his hand inside Vincents jeans and boxers, who allows himself to be masturbated, with his huge penis growing in his pants. He pulls it out, whole, a huge piece of meat ready to be sucked off, so Nate gets down on his knees and sucks it off.The boy has a tight jockstrap that leaves his enormous ass free in the air. As he sucks Vincents dick, he sticks a finger in his ass, full of pleasure. Vincent imitates him, helps him with it and sticks several fingers in it himself. They stand up and have brutal sex, Nates body arching up to take dick, Vincents huge cock going in and out again and a

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