Stefan Vrbic

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Sexy Stefan Vrbic looks very good in his foot video. He stands, in just a jock-strap and some flip-flops, with a smile on his face. The camera closes in on that face and then begins to pan down his chest, to the underwear and then onto the feet. The tops of the feet are shown in the flip-flops as the camera closes in on them. The camera slowly moves from one side to the other as the feet are kept in view. The toes begin to flex too. Then Stefan moves up and down onto his toes. He takes off the flip-flops and continues showing the tops of his feet as the toes lift of the floor. Again he moves up onto his toes,lifting the heels. The camera pulls out to give a nice wide view as he moves up and down. Then Stefan removes the jock-strap showing his cock and balls before sitting on the bench to present the soles of his feet. The camera closes on the feet to show the insteps. That allows a good inspection of all the fine lines. The toes are flexed and scrunched, wrinkling the insteps. The feet touch at the heels as they splay out to showing Stefans body and face in the background. Each foot is shown individually as we move from one to the other. The soles are scrunched more too. Then Stef

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