Igor Tarda

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In the second part of Igor Tardas candid video we see him laying on the bed as we enjoy the soles of his feet. The toes start to flex and then the feet scrunch. With his cock and balls in the background we move from one sole to the other, taking a close look. Then both feet are shown as the toes flex. Igor turns on to his right side and places one foot on the other as we take another close look. Then a lovely view of the tops is given as the toes flex again. Resting one leg on the other Igor shows the sole of the left foot and the top of the right. Then the right sole is shown in the same way, as the top of the left is visible too. Laying on his back with his legs up Igor exposes his hot ass hole as well as his feet. He stands in front of the mirror and wanks his rock hard cock, watching his reflection. Wanking hard and breathing heavily he soon shoots the creamy load onto the mirror to complete a great show.

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