Pavel Mabek

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We join part two of sexy Pavel Mabeks video as he lays on the bed, presenting the soles of his feet to the camera. Going in close we see all the fine lines on the soles. Pavel bends and flexes his toes. Then we check out just the left sole. Pavel turns onto his left side and places the feet on upon the other to show them both. As we enjoy the soles Pavel wanks his cock in the background. Then he straighten up and places the soles flat on the bed to show off the tops of his feet. The camera pans around as we enjoy those hairy tops. He rests the left leg on the right. That shows the left sole and we see the right top too. Again the toes flex. We take a lingering look at the left sole. Then Pavel switches, right leg on left. That shows us the right sole and the left top and the process is repeated. We then see Pavel wanking his beautiful cock. The stiff dick glistens as he wanks it. He lifts his legs to show his hairy hole too as he continues to wank. That hole is shown again when he turns over onto his knees, wanking down between his legs. Then Pavel sits on the end of the bed and wanks hard until he shoots his hot, creamy, load. He milks every last drop out of that magnificent dick

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