Ivan Jestar

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Sexy Ivan Jestar looks very good in his two part video. In this first, very candid, part he starts fully clothed as he poses for the camera. Raising his hoodie shows off some skn. Then Ivan is bare-chested as he continues his posing. Next he kneels on the bed, back to camera, with his underwear lowered to expose his sexy little ass. Staying on the bed, but on his back he then presents his rock hard cock. We get to enjoy some views of his sexy feet too as he changes poses and positions. Reclining on one elbow he gives his gock a stroke or two. Then Ivan lays back to lift his legs and show off his hot ass hole as well as his stiff cock. The soles of his feet are shown well too. Then we see that sexy ass again too as he kneels, with his back to the camera. That also lets us enjoy the soles of his feet before moving up to the hot ass hole. After that Ivan stands and poses with his cock poking out in front of him. He moves onto the bed and lays on one side, reaching back to spread the ass some more. Soon he is on the floor, bending over the bed to show that inviting ass hole more as he reaches back to spread his cheeks. Laying on his front, with a smile on his face he looks so good. The

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