Young and Curious

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Mael Dumas
Paul Delay
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Paul Delay is quietly jacking off in his bed, watching a porn video and he doesnt imagine that his young roommate Mael Dumas is hidden behind the curtain and observes him while masturbating. Despite his efforts to remain discreet Mael is surprised by Paul who looks as surprised as delighted with the odd situation. Asked if he is gay, Mael repleis hes curious and Paul invites him to join him in the bed.The two boys kiss passionately, fondle each other and the sensual play takes a more sexual turn when Mael begins to suck his roommate fingering his ass. Paul moans and plays with his ass to excite even more Mael before sucking him in turn.Mael is more and more excited, his cock is hard as wood and he can not resist to taste the pretty ass that is offered to him. The two twinks will fuck with incredible passion, a lot of sensuality and complicity until exploding of pleasure.

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