Hookup Stories: Aiden Jeremy

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Aiden Garcia
Jeremy Hall
Anal College Hardcore Twinks

Lusty latin super star, Aiden Garcia shares a hookup story, in delicious detail, about a tasty twink tryst that starts on a plane to Italy, and finishes in his hotel! After the torrid tale, we get to see the porn prince in ass bangin action, with fresh faced, Jeremy Hall. The passionate, pretty pair kiss, and Jeremy makes his way down to that juicy jock. He chokes as much of the massive meat down as he can, incredibly getting nearly to the big, beefy base. Then, Aiden satisfies his horned up hunger on Halls HUGE hog, while Jeremy jacks Garcias gargantuan groin. Aiden takes the cock out of his mouth long enough to tell Jeremy, I want to ride you. He climbs on top of the big beast and tames it with his tight twink tunnel. Next, were treated to some epic ass eating, when Aiden goes in tongue first on the peaches and cream cutie. Once that pucker is primed, Garcia goes ham on the hotties hind end, blasting the boy HARD doggy style, then on his side. Aidens incredible appendage pushes the pretty boys bust to the surface, and he creams all over his alabaster and. Like a machine, Garcia keeps right on going till he adds his spoogy splendor to the party, costing

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