Milek vs Max

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Anal Czech Boys European Hardcore Jocks

Milke Jastra is paired with Max Fillipi in a submission wreatling match. They both look so good as they do some stretches, wearing just their underwear. Then they start the match and are soon grappling and falling to the floor. They roll around on the floor, grabbing at the underwear to get each other naked. Soon both are naked and rolling around as they grapple. The bare asses are shown as they each try to gain a decent hold. As each tries to gain a decent hold it is Max who gets the first submission. They each take a drink of water and then resume wrestling. Cocks flail as they grapple with each other. They roll around on the floor and grab at each others cock too. Milek tries to rub his dick on Maxs face. Max does the same when the chance arises. As they roll around and grab at each other they spank asses too. With a good neck hold and grabbing at Mileks cock and balls Max gains another point. Milek is a quick learner and he gains a point by squeezing Maxs cock and balls too. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. With the bodies glistening they resume the match, now sliding all over the floor as they wrestle. With more grabbing at balls and spanking asses Max s

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