Sebastian Gets Pounded

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Sebastian comes home to find Quinn horned up and waiting for him. As soon as they enter the apartment they kiss passionately, uncontrollably hot for each other!nnQuinn yanks Sebastians shirt up over his head and runs his tongue along Sebastians lightly furry chest before giving his nipple a nibble!nnBoth boys pants come down, and Sebastian falls to his knees. He pulls Quinns underpants off and takes Quinns meaty cock in his mouth! Fully hard now, its Sebastians turn to have his knob worked over. Quinn pulls Sebastians swollen boner from its cotton prison and slicks it up with split, running his full lips up and down the length of it.nnDeep throating is one of Quinns many talents, and he slurps Sebastians big cock into his mouth and swallows it down to the pubes. Quinn gives full cock sucking service with lots of tongue and spit!nnReady for more, Quinn climbs up Sebastians lean frame and takes both their cocks in his hand, stroking them as their lips come together for another round of passionate kissing. He stands up on the chair and feeds his throbbing cock to Sebastian and Sebastian loves it! Quinn gives Sebastian a full on face fucking, slappin

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