Blowin My Buddy

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I was just hanging out minding my own business when all I wanted to do is jerk off and to my surprise my buddy Tyrese comes barging into the room as I was feeling myself up. I figured while hes in the room I might as well get him to work on my cock. I pulled out my camera and told him to suck my cock and Tyrese really knows how to suck some great cock as he went down on me slurping and taking my whole cock into his mouth. I was very verbal with him and told him to pull out his cock and stroke it and watching him stroke his cock, it really turned me especially when Tyrese stroked his hard long cock and busted his nut all over my cock and then after he spewed on my cock went down and continued sucking my cock licking up his cum and using as lube, I took my hand and stroked on my cock releasing a nice good cum shot that landed on my stomach giving me the release I needed after a hard days work.

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