Trying Out Tomoki

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Anal Asian Hardcore Japanese Twinks Young

Higaken gets to play the interviewer and first date for new Japanboyz model Tomoki. Hes a shy 25 year old who loves sex but is not so confident yet. Higaken encourages him to pleasure my nipples and Tomoki blushes when his hand gets near Higakens crotch. Hes filmed for other studios over the last few years but to him Japanboyz is still a big deal. Once the nerves wear off, Tomoki pops a big boner when he admits he really likes Higaken. Higaken stands up the mic to see that Tomokis cock measures up just fine in comparison.nnBut enough talk and down to the body talk. Higaken sucks Tomokis stiff tool and licks around the head as the new model closes his eyes and smiles. The interview moves over to an inspection of Tomokis hole, nice and smooth with no hair. After he slips a finger in, Higaken rolls on a condom and slides his woody all the way in to the root, whispering sweet nothings as he does. Tomoki relaxes on knees and elbows and lets Higaken take the lead. They lie on their sides and slender Tomoki wraps a leg back to pull Higaken in closer. On his back with Higaken plowing deep, Tomoki grabs his cock and starts stroking. This date is getting too hot to hold back. They

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