Southern Strokes - scene 118

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Curtis Cameron
Tony Dale
Anal Bareback Hardcore Jocks Pornstar Twinks

Are you a fighter or a lover! Curtis and Tony and just getting in some last-minute practice before their first fights this weekend. Tony starts hitting the pads first while Curtis holds them. After a while, they switch. But Curtis doesnt last long and taps out. They make their way to the couch, where Curtis begins touching himself. Tonys hand makes its way over to Curtiss crotch. They then start rubbing each others dicks through their satin boxing shorts. Curtis takes Tonys shorts off, bends over, and sucks his dick while Tony rubs on Curtiss ass. They then switch positions so Tony can work on Curtiss dick, making sure it is nice and hard. They then flip on their sides, and Curtis begins fucking Tony. He pumps his ass while holding Tonys leg up. Tony then rides Curtis before taking dick while on his back. Cutis fucks until he pulls out and dumps his load all over Tony. Curtis then sucks the cum right out of Tonys dick.

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