Kaitos First Take

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With a shaggy mop of thick black hair and a broad, beaming white smile, handsome 18-year old Kaito sits on the bed for his first model shoot. Hes wearing what he thought guys would have on for a porn shoot--a singlet that wraps over his shoulders and clings to his booty and thick bulging crotch. His ideal fuck is a muscleboy, and the director assures him he will pair him up with one for his first action shoot.nnAlone with the camera, Kaito digs into his singlet and out pops a big hard upcurved cock. With one hand on his nuts and the other tweaking his nip, Kaito lets his dick swell up inside the thin fabric and jut out in front. He gets down on all fours and the director cant help giving his firm tight booty a little smack. When he fondles Kaitos cock it pops up like a steel spring. It throbs like a wild beast as Kaito breathes slowly and moans. He takes over stroking his own dick and relaxes a bit more for the camera. Its time to strip down naked. Hes thin but nicely proportioned, a typical Japanese growing-boy body. Kaitos smooth puckered ass is very sensitive, and responds to the slightest touch as the director slides a finger around and opens the hole. Kaito closes his ey

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