Swim Meat, Scene 01

( )
Cade Maddox
Remy Cruze
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Remy Cruz is sore from his intense swim routine and seeks the help of sports therapist, Cade Maddox. Remy hops on the massage table and Cade gets to work on an alternative healing method by going in through Remys fuckable asshole. He shoves his tongue deep inside the muscular swimmers backend until both of them have raging boners. Cade cant help but to take a taste of Remys giant cock and as he does, Remy feels the need to do the same. The therapy seems to be working and after taking Cades giant cock down his throat, Remy is ready to take it deep in his ass. He eagerly bends over the massage table and waits for Cade to enter his hole. Cade slides easily inside and pumps away on Remys tight ass until hes ready to bust a nut. Cade pulls out and positions himself in front of Remys mouth and drains his balls all over Remys begging face. With Remy covered in his load, Cade leans over and sucks Remys cock until Remy explodes in his mouth. Cade takes the mouthful of cum, and feeds it back to Remy with a passionate, jizz-filled kiss.

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