Tko Total Knockouts, Scene 04

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Micky Jr
Sean Zevran
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Sean Zevran has the muscle and the size advantage, but sneaky Micky Jr can dodge and weave to stay one step ahead. Who will be the winner! Seans dominance serves him well as he takes down his agile opponent, and Micky rewards Seans victory with a wet, sloppy blowjob. But Seans eager to taste Mickys ass, so he makes Micky do a handstand to get his ass right in Seans face! After getting Micky all lubed up, Sean shoves his fat cock into Mickys hole and lets him have it even harder than before when they were fighting in the ring. Gripping the cage for support, Micky takes Seans pounding like a champ. Sean raises Mickys left leg into the air, forcing him to stand on one leg as hes getting fucked! Then its back down on the mat for Micky as he puts his legs in the air and jerks his cock with Sean deep inside him. Micky blows his hot, white load across his tight stomach. Sean kneels right above Mickys face and jerks his thick cum right into Mickys open mouth. Cum splatters across Mickys lips and down his scruffy chin as he sucks Seans massive cock clean. Clearly this match was a TKO and a win-win scenario.

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