Dirty Work, Scene 03

( )
Austin Wolf
Derek Bolt
Anal Hardcore Pornstar

Derek Bolt is making precise measurements in the workshop when sparks fly between him and Austin Wolf. Austin notices the look on Dereks face and invites him over. As they make out, Austin guides Dereks hands to his bulge, and Derek pulls Austins cock out of his jeans. Sinking to his knees, Derek swallows Austins cock as Austin plays with his nipples. Reaching down the back of Dereks jeans past his jockstrap, Austin fingers Dereks tight hole. Eager to get a taste, Austin pushes his face into Dereks ass as Derek kneels on the workbench. Stripping off Dereks shirt, Austin grabs his nipples from behind and tweaks then as Dereks huge boner pokes out front his jockstrap. Derek is eager for what comes next: Austin shoves his thick, hard cock between Dereks firm ass cheeks and starts fucking him doggy style with fast, powerful thrusts. Switching things up, Austin lies flat on his back as Derek raises and lowers himself on Austins mighty tool. Putting Derek on his back, Austin pumps away with intensity. Derek jerks his cock, and his balls flop up and down. With Austin still inside him, Derek blows a massive, thick load that lands on his hairy treasure trail. Standing over Derek

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