Hot Tub

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Alex Tanner
Max Sargent
Hardcore Jocks Pornstar Twinks Young

Alex is heading to College soon but he needs to figure out which one he will be attending. His Dad is out of town and cant go with him but his good friend Max lives in Vegas and it just so happens thats where Alex really wants to go. Alex meets up with Max to take a tour of the campus and afterwards they head back to his house where Alex will be staying for the weekend. Alex thanks Max for the great day but cant wait to relax in the hot tub. They both get in the warm water to sooth their bones yet they both really wanted to get naked and have sex in it. Alex begins to rub Maxs crotch while they kiss passionately. Maxs hands begin to wonder all over Alexs young smooth body. They both are super horny and so they take off there speedos and Alex cant believe what he sees. Max has a great cock and Alex is licking and sucking that thick beast slowly utilizing his tongue on every inch. Soon enough Max wants that ass but first he has Alex show off his ass and body to him while he strokes his cock. Alex bends over so you can see his low hanging balls which than Max moves in for a taste. Max is ready so he slowly pushes his hard cock deep inside Alex as he squeals with pleasure and de

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