The Piano

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Darren Kiss
Dirk Caber
Hardcore Jocks Pornstar Twinks Young

Dirk is a world class Piano player and hes enjoying his day off practicing a new song when he hears his doorbell ring. Hes not expecting anybody today but when he goes to see who it is he still doesnt recognize the young man standing at his door. Darren saw Dirk play the other night and since then hes been trying to figure out where he lives so he can tell Dirk how amazing he is. Darren is a big fan and he tells Dirk all about it. Dirk invites him to listen to his new song. Darren has other motives and once they are in his house Darren begins to get frisky with Dirk. Dirk doesnt mind it at all so they start making out and end up in his bed. Darren is ready to be fucked by his idol and throws his ass up in the air letting Dirk do what he wishes with it. Dirk man handles this young man eating and licking his young ass. Once his ass is all soft and wet he pushes his cock deep inside Darrens tight eager hole pushing hard yet soft. The two partake in a sensual fun fuck fest with loads of cum shooting all over the place.

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