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raw rods set 61Malcome Tanner is a new kid at the Cocodorm University. Arman Woodson tells him the real deal about the school and decides to give him a quick tutorial on how things work. Arman starts by unzipping Malcome and sucking on his dick for a while. Malcome getsraw rods set 39Tae and Tyga are chillin in Study Hall. Tyga has been checking out Tae for quite some time and has the chance to finally tell him how he feels. Tyga lets him know what he wants and Tae tells him to bring it on. Tyga gets on his knees and starts sucking onraw rods set 10raw rods set 63raw rods set 16raw rods set 65Dewayne King and Marco Ashton are in detention and Dewayne is upset that this is his third time in there. He has to let his parents know and is afraid that he is going to get kicked out of school. Marco tries to tell him everything will be okay but Dewaynraw rods set 51raw rods set 6raw rods set 3raw rods set 15raw rods set 5raw rods set 48raw rods set 69raw rods set 8raw rods set 59raw rods set 1Drummer Boi, Travis Davis, Dewayne King, Dustin Pope, Keior Sanders and Marco Ashton are all in class and discussing the days topic. Everyone gets pretty bored and is horny as fuck so they all drop trou and get to it. Dicks start gettin sucked and asses eraw rods set 60raw rods set 66raw rods set 44raw rods set 21raw rods set 54raw rods set 32raw rods set 41raw rods set 17raw rods set 40raw rods set 34raw rods set 30raw rods set 26raw rods set 13raw rods set 2raw rods set 18raw rods set 12raw rods set 46raw rods set 22raw rods set 49raw rods set 68raw rods set 43raw rods set 31raw rods set 35raw rods set 23raw rods set 36raw rods set 19TaetheDoug, Daniel Thompson and Leon Holt are in class chillin. Its Taes first day in class and he has no clue as to what he is in for. Leon gives him a few tips on what the school is about. Daniel suggests that they do a little more and leaves them in clraw rods set 56raw rods set 29raw rods set 47Dustin Pope and Marco Ashton discuss a fight that Marco had with Travis during lunch. Dustin is still surprised that Marco snapped out. Marco decides to take Dustins mind off the fight but giving him some ass during class. He starts by sucking Dustin off raw rods set 27raw rods set 64raw rods set 55raw rods set 33raw rods set 57raw rods set 7raw rods set 9raw rods set 53raw rods set 42raw rods set 52raw rods set 50raw rods set 58raw rods set 11raw rods set 62raw rods set 20raw rods set 45raw rods set 28raw rods set 37raw rods set 38raw rods set 24raw rods set 25raw rods set 14raw rods set 4

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