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peter fever set 17peter fever set 18peter fever set 21peter fever set 73peter fever set 6peter fever set 20peter fever set 7peter fever set 10peter fever set 19peter fever set 14peter fever set 49peter fever set 46peter fever set 50peter fever set 42peter fever set 41peter fever set 16peter fever set 52peter fever set 38peter fever set 53peter fever set 9peter fever set 34peter fever set 24peter fever set 76peter fever set 55peter fever set 37peter fever set 12peter fever set 47peter fever set 8peter fever set 4peter fever set 45peter fever set 44peter fever set 15peter fever set 23Lonii Li came to Peter Fever looking to get into the porn business and based on his photospeter fever set 54peter fever set 48peter fever set 5peter fever set 3peter fever set 56peter fever set 2peter fever set 1peter fever set 43peter fever set 13peter fever set 78peter fever set 25peter fever set 75peter fever set 77peter fever set 27peter fever set 39peter fever set 36At 6 feet and 195 pounds, Korean-American Axel Kane is a hunk by any measure.Dylan Art is Alex Chus latest conquest. The two met at the gym but havent been able to hook up just yet.peter fever set 31peter fever set 29peter fever set 40peter fever set 35peter fever set 51Alex has been leading some of his buddies through workout sessionspeter fever set 11peter fever set 72peter fever set 22peter fever set 33Come along and join Alex Chu in an erotic session of pure self serving pleasure. After being in awe of seeing snow for the very first time in his life, Alex hits the gym.So, full disclosure, this weeks update was supposed to be Alex Chus Erotic Session Episode 4 where Alex fucks Dylan Art.peter fever set 30From a spacecraft hovering above Earth, the diabolical alien Phallos lays out his demand for all of the planets citizens to bow before him in subjugation.peter fever set 28peter fever set 26peter fever set 32Experienced kinkster Damian X. Dragon looks hot as hell and perfectly at ease tying leather laces to tightly cage his nuts.peter fever set 74Micah Brandts regular trainer bailed on his workout day and with nowhere else to turn, Micah was lucky enough to get Alex Chu to help him out.Tatted daddy, Damian Dragon is giving David Ace some boxing lessons.Trevor is the latest addition to Peter Fever, and oh what an addition he is!Shen Powers is a personal trainer whos showing Levy Foxx some tips on the proper ways to bulk up his thin frame.Welcome back to the 70s where China Gold and Silky Dick rule their stable of studs through giggles, bloopers, and backstage antics.Lonii Li is out for his daily jog.Todays main event pits the two most powerfully built PeterFever models against each other in the oldest sport known to man.

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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.