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mix it up boy set 24mix it up boy set 23mix it up boy set 56mix it up boy set 31Soldier and Angel runnin into each other on tha streets of Miami. Fine ass brothas aint seen each other since college, so they figure its most prudent to hang out for a minute, have a drink or something... a drink of mafuckin cum of course. Angel wants thmix it up boy set 9mix it up boy set 57mix it up boy set 1mix it up boy set 55mix it up boy set 35mix it up boy set 41mix it up boy set 5mix it up boy set 47mix it up boy set 34Jesse Rabbit and Micah Andrews pulling a late night session stocking boxes in tha porno shoppe looking for some box of dvds when the two realize aint noone else around, so they get horny as fuck and Jesse pulls out his fat dick and slaps Micah in the facemix it up boy set 20mix it up boy set 46mix it up boy set 40Flamez and Jarvis hangin out in the park hookin up with Alex Flex for a lil threesome action. Jarvis loves a good thug dick and thats exactly what hes getting. Alex sucks both dicks until Flamez wants to fuck that purdy white mouth. Jarvis takes it all inmix it up boy set 33Prince Le Beau just bustin in on a brothas bedroom. He lookin for his friend, but she aint around, so Prince invites himself him and takes his pants off. Soldier tryna tell him to fuck off, but Prince goes ahead and sucks that dick anyways and Soldier commix it up boy set 26Baby Star hanging out in downtown Chicago when he meets Malo for a little one on one chat time. Baby Star tells him he needs a partay hooked up and Malo is just the man to handle that. When it comes to talk about cakes Baby Star confesses he been checkin mix it up boy set 36mix it up boy set 17Cody droppin by Rio De Janeiro for a minute. Gorgeous city and gorgeous men everywhere, so its no surprise that Cody is gonna fuck all day and night! Luis Capri is hot as fuck and he and Cody spent the sunset at the beach. The view is amazing, but then itmix it up boy set 19Arquez and Valentino comin home from a movie all excited as fuck and all that excitement turns to sexual energy. These two brothas are all over each other suckin dick and gettin their freak on. Valentino knows how to get a thug hard as fuck and when Arquemix it up boy set 61mix it up boy set 52mix it up boy set 51Jarvis is on the run and winds up bustin into Kens apartment to hide. Ken is a little weirded out by some stranger comin into his place but he lets Jarvis stay cause he thinks hes cute. You gotta give a little to get tho and Jarvis understands. He gets KeJordan is over at Day Days crib tryin to get some green. Since the delivery was gonna be a while, Day Day thought hed entertain Jordan while they wait. Of course you know by entertain he means bend him over and FUCK his brains out! Jordan wasnt ready for Joker calling up his homie Flamez. He heard dat foo is in town and ready to slang some dick. Joker is already naked, dreaming of filling his mouth dick and Flamez is down for it. He gets right over to Jokers place and makes that boy choke on his dick til mix it up boy set 8mix it up boy set 45mix it up boy set 12Hotrod callin himself a massage, but this one is rather... uninhibited. Billy asks Hotrod to get naked, but also throws off is own clothes. After a minute of messaging the two start suckin on each other dicks instead. Hotrod takes control and stuffs his fmix it up boy set 21Cody hangin out in his bedroom chillin on his laptop lookin for some fat thug dick. He comes across Ninja Nixons ad and calls the brotha up right away. Ninja makes his way over and its gettin steamy right away. Cody is already half naked anyways, and it oHotrod found himself one crazy ass motherfucker. Marco wants his ass torn up and Hotrod is just the dude for the mission. Marco loves himself some big ass fuckin dick, aint nothing his ass cant handle, and I really mean that. Hotrod manages to stick his emix it up boy set 42mix it up boy set 58Christian Xavier just trying to take a nap when Dupree calls him up and lets him know hes gonna come over cuz he is hungry for Christians dick. Dupree wakes him up right quick, with Chris dick standing tall and ready to get sucked. Dupree doesnt waste anyTres amigos just chillin hangin out in Chi Town all horny as hell. Flamez and Xavier find themselves a homie in Batboy to take on their big ass dicks. He just loves getting sandwiched between all that uncut pipe. Xavier and Flamez are just flippin him aromix it up boy set 4mix it up boy set 2mix it up boy set 53mix it up boy set 15mix it up boy set 60Jordan inviting Jay over to his joint sayin there gon be some chicks, but he just playin and he really lookin for dick. Jay is done with it and lets Jordan get on his knees to suck his dick and then ride him good. Jordan definitely feelin that pinga, he jmix it up boy set 50Luis and Dominic are hanging out in their hotel room and horny as fuck. Luis gets right to business and starts sucking on Dominics uncut cock. He swirls his tongue all over that dick and Dominic gets his hands on Luis head and pushes it up and down on it.mix it up boy set 48mix it up boy set 54mix it up boy set 11Cody hanging out, goin for a swim in the pool all naked when Lex, the hot as hell overall repair man steps in to fix some hammock or whatever... But the Miami heat is just too damn much for Lex, and Cody invites him for a little swim which quickly turns imix it up boy set 28mix it up boy set 14mix it up boy set 43mix it up boy set 13mix it up boy set 49mix it up boy set 7mix it up boy set 27mix it up boy set 32Jack just gettin into town and his homie Breion is supposed to pick him up, but Breion of course runs late and makes some shit up about the airport being confusing or whatever. But its all good, the two find each other and Breion makes it worth his while.Cody Kyler chatting up buff as hell Wellington on one of Rios gorgeous beaches. Cody drags Wellington back to his apartment and the action starts right away. Cody works that dick real good with his pretty face, and Wellington eats that ass for to get Codymix it up boy set 18mix it up boy set 59Cayden and Ken just kinda bumpin into each other and quickly exchangin digits. Cayden definitely down like that, so he rings up Ken later and drops by his joint to get his ass rammed by some gorgeous big phat black dick. Cayden is lovin that pipe, making Micah lookin for some thug dick at tha club and he getting just what he was lookin for. He shakes that booty for Domino Star and Jesse Rabbit who take him home for some crazy threesome action. Micah can take anything these two brothas are throwing at him mix it up boy set 38mix it up boy set 29mix it up boy set 22mix it up boy set 39mix it up boy set 25mix it up boy set 30mix it up boy set 16mix it up boy set 37mix it up boy set 44mix it up boy set 10mix it up boy set 3Jesse Rabbit and Vito Vega hanging out. Vito just came over to get his fuck on, he really been craving some fuckin ass and Jesse can supply fuckin boatloads of ass. I mean that ass is like damn son, you just wanna fuck that ass cuz look at that fuckin ass

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