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Our new model Timidito was really shy at the beginning of his photo shoot but became more confident as the session progressed and he got to show off his beautiful uncut cock and cute ass.With that hot ass and beautiful uncut Latino cock there is no way our new model is innocent but we think his nickname is cute, anyways.Our newest model Austin is the very definition of a sexy naked Latin man.A couple of years ago we featured some models that were in a rock band Phenix, Topaz, Spyke and Sinner.The person that gave Shorty his nickname obviously hadnt seen his dick. If he had he would have surely called him Gigante.We got a call from last weeks model Phenix a couple days after doing his shoot. He told us that the drummer in his band wanted to model for us, too. He had been told he had a big Latin dick but hadnt seen it in person and didnt know if it was true or not.When one of our members, who referred Jordan to LatinBoyz, first saw him at Union Station in LA he thought he was cu... Cute enough that he tried to pick him up. He did manage to talk him into coming over for a drink or two and when he was relaxed asked tNightOwl is one of those guys you want to fool around with but you dont know what you want. Do you want his big curved uncut cock! Do you want to fuck his hairless tight bubble butt! Theyre both perfect so that makes the decision very hard. This CaliforniOur new model is a cute 18 year old spotted by our photographer working out at a gym.As you can see this weeks new model has an amazing body with crazy six-pack abs, a huge uncut Latino cock and sizzlin hot ass.This cute new model with the curly hair, sexy lips and fat uncut Latin dick is Jezze.Our new model Ronnie doesnt like being stereotyped. He has his own casual style and loves kicking back with other skaters from the neighborhood.When our new model Trick started pulling down his cargo shorts and showing off the first hint of his hot Latin ass we knew were going to enjoy this photo shoot. Later on when he pulled out his big uncut Latino cock we knew we were going to enjoy it even mOur photographer met Estiven in Colombia where he delivers merchandise from a store on his moto when hes not studying.What better way is there to start the new month off than with a cute Colombian twink with a big Latin dick!We met our latest Latino amateur model Rey on a recent trip to Colombia at a bar in the famed Parque Lleras club district where he was celebrating his birthday with friends.We start the new year right with a hot new bareback Amateur Action scene featuring Franko getting fucked long and hard by Jako for his first porn scene.This is Leonardos third Latin bareback scene on LatinBoyz.Some guys really know what they want when it comes to sex. Diamond told us he likes it when a guy sucks his balls, then eats his ass and licks up to the shaft, pulls down his foreskin and licks all around his head before they deep throat him. Cumming downLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin porn21 year old Temper told us he likes angry sex and role playing. Some of us were not too sure we would want to be on the other side of that fat uncut Latino cock of his when he was mad but the others started scheming about how to make him angry.Hes ColombiCoche has been wanting to get fucked raw in a gay Latino porn video for a long time. It has been a fantasy of his for as long as he can remember.We ran into Chico Valle recently and almost didnt recognize him because we had only seen him wearing a baseball cap before.When we set up this shoot with Jae G. And Chico Valle we didnt tell them what to do.Low Key was working out his abs when Jess interrupted him because he wanted to workout right away before going to work.latin boyz set 13latin boyz set 7When new LatinBoyz star Jae G. told us he wanted to get fucked we told him we would love to watch and asked him who the lucky guy would be. Without thinking he said he really wanted to get pounded by that cute bisexual papi Katracho. Katracho never turns Hugo loves getting fucked by big dicks and said he had a friend whos nickname is The Snake because of his big uncut cock. They fucked once at a party but havent hooked up since and told us he would be willing to do the shoot for free if we could hook it uWe have had lots of requests to see more of Jae G since he first appeared on the site a year and a half ago.When this cute 21 year old gero from Las Vegas first sent us his photos we were impressed by how big the head of his big uncut cock was. He is half Mexican on mothers side and half Spanish on his fathers side and as lived in sin city his whole life. He toOur newest model is a 20 year old kick boxer that told us he wants to be known for more than just having a big Latino cock. But, we told him when you go around calling yourself Python youre going to get type cast. He stays in shape by training and doing sAngry sex can be the hottest. Diamond was pissed at Havoc for being two hours late to his first porn shoot and it almost didnt happen. When he finally arrived he looked at Diamond, pulled down his shorts and said, What are you waiting for, suck on this diSome of our best models over the years have come from referrals by our members.Our newest model Antonio hates being called a twink but he loves the attention it gets him. He has tried growing a mustache and goatee and has a sexy little patch of hair on his chest but he still looks like a young twink.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornThis cute Latino twink from Texas is blessed with an incredibly hot ass... And a nice big dick. Who could ask for more!latin boyz set 11Its no secret that we like skinny LatinBoyz because they always seem to have the biggest uncut Latino cocks.As we have mentioned before the sound of skateboards outside our offices in Los Angeles have brought our attention to some really cute guys over the last couple years and some really big dicks. On a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro our photographer heard thaWeve had a lot of requests to bring Jo Jo and his big uncut cock back since he did our first Broke Straight LatinBoyz video sucking off Kruz a couple months ago. Not only is it long but its thick, too, and wrapped in delicious Latino foreskin. His ass is Our new model this week is Isaac. He is 20 years old and Salvadorian. This was his first time doing nude modeling and he loved showing off his fat 8 1 2 inch cock. Sexually he told us he is bisexual and with guys likes to be aggressive. His sexual fantasylatin boyz set 21We had so many requests to see more of Scorpio, who first appeared on LatinBoyz three weeks ago in the hot bareback scene he did with Jayy, that we sent our photographer to Brazil to photograph him in a solo shoot.latin boyz set 17When we first photographed Myke last year we had to rush and didnt get the full range of shots we normally like to get. The response to that shoot was overwhelming, however, and we received more requests to have him back than any other model. That gave usSavior and Flex were two of our most popular models last year so you can imagine of bummed we were when we lost contact with both models. Luckily fate intervened and they met on a dating app and ended up fucking around. They really hit it off and Savior kOur newest model Menace is 19 years old and from South Central L.A. Hes originally from Honduras but has lived in the U.S. since he was very young. We were disappointed to find out he is straight and has never been with a guy before. During his photoshootIf youve been a LatinBoyz.Com member for a while you already know that Sabado has a big curved cock from his scene fucking PStar and a really hot body. What we didnt know is how he got that sexy body. Turns out hes a lifeguard and swims everyday to keep iPuerto Rican twink Camilo just made his LatinBoyz.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornGato is a 21 year old from Valencia, California and loves having sex with both guys and girls. His favorite way to fuck a guy is to have him on all 4s and just pounding his ass until he pulls out and nuts all over his back. He also told us he has a fantasWe havent seen Rascal since he got sucked off in his Broke Straight LatinBoyz video a year ago. When he called us saying he wanted to fuck a guy this time we didnt waste any time in getting it set up. The lucky recipient is new model Memo who impressed usLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 8While talking with our newest model Rocky he mentioned that he loves giving cum facials while getting his dick sucked and has been told that his cum tastes goodOur photographer first noticed Jimmy when he was skating down the sidewalk with no shirt on.Occasionally we comb through the local classified ads to see if we can find cute Latino models which is where we found Zico. He posted an M4W ad with a few of his photos showing his huge cock so we took a chance and asked him if he might be willing to do 19 year old Rascal is back and looking hotter than when we first met him a year ago. When he told us he wanted to do a new photo shoot we said sure but on one condition... He has to show of more of his sexy furry butt this time. He also did a broke straigOur new model Crank is a Socal native with an amazing body. He gets those sexy abs from doing a lot of cardio in addition to lifting weights.When our model model Rudy brought in his 20 year old cousin Goyo to see if we would be interested in photographing him for LatinBoyz.Com we were immediately impressed by his thick uncut cock and hot bubble butt, not to mention his sexy body and cute face.Theres some serious ass licking and fucking as Frisco and Rio flip flop and get the best of both worlds. Both guys ended up shooting two big loads each in this HOT HOT HOT sex scene.18 year old Maven moved to Las Vegas recently to go to college where he is on the swim team. Thats where he gets his sexy toned swimmers body from. He says he gets a lot of action with some of the other guys in the locker room and were not surprised becauSexy Mexican surfer Jonas was straight when he first came to LatinBoyz.Com. Then he agreed to let a guy suck him off. Then a couple weeks later he let two guys suck his dick and even fucked one of them a little bit. Now in this new video he fucks cute newThis weeks new model describes himself as being the typical California guy that loves hanging out at his local skatepark and longboarding at the beach.The last time we saw Drizzy he was taking Damiens 9 inch cock up his tight butt and soon after we got so much fan mail asking to please bring him back for his solo photoshoot. Well it took some time to track this busy skater down but we finally got him toThe day after doing his solo photo shoot, cute Latin twink Checo sent us a text saying he met a hot guy at the beach that wanted to do a porn video with him. He sent us a picture of Mig and we thought he was cute so we agreed to do the shoot. As soon as wWe met this masculine papi at a construction site he was working at in Colombia and was immediately impressed by how hot his body was.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 15We recently ran into LBZ model Ruthless at a shopping mall and he looked even cuter than last year when we first met him.This sexy papi is from Colombia and has a big fucking monster cock!latin boyz set 19latin boyz set 18This weeks new model is a cute 19 year old from the San Fernando Valley. He told us most guys hes been with are surprised when he pulls out that huge uncut monster cock of his. We know we were! Hes a top but will bottom if the guy is bigger than him, whicWhen we first me 18 year old Havoc we thought he was straight. Although he has fucked a a couple girls he says he is gay and likes to fuck only guys now. Hes tried bottoming once and didnt like it and says hes happy being 100 percent top. Were sure the boLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 12latin boyz set 5The sexy papi with the amazing abs in the photo above is our newest model Onyx. Hes a nature boy that loves hiking and working out in general.This weeks model is a tall sexy 18 year old with a big dick that shoots a big load as you can see from his cum shot photos.We met 18 year old Tristan as he was walking out of a gym in Guadalajara, Mexico where hes an amateur boxer. It was his sexy abs that caught our attention as he walked out of the gym shirtless and we followed him all the way to a taco stand and tried to sJamie contacted us asking us if he could get hooked up with Havoc because he had just finished watching Havoc fucking Torito and wanted some of his big Mexican cock pumping his ass. Havoc loves fucking smooth tight Latino asses and said he was saving up aOur newest model has an unusual problem... Everyone that sees his cock wants to suck it.When we first met Celsius we thought he was straight because of his natural masculine look. Then when we were asking him how he liked to get off he told us his favorite way is to get sucked off. His second favorite way is getting fucked. So hes definitelyThe hot papi you see here with the thick uncut Mexican cock and hot body ass is 19 year old Chill. Hes very sexy and laid back. So laid back that he flaked on us twice before finally coming in for his shoot. We are sure you agree he was worth the wait. He20 year old Neno came to our office for an audition on a dare from one of his friends that said he didnt have the guts to do it. Evidently his friend doesnt know him too well because he wasnt shy at all once he arrived at our offices and couldnt wait to sWhen we set up new shoots we like to show the models each others photos first to make sure theyre turned on. They liked what they saw but we were concerned because both said they wanted to top only. We set it up anyways and as it turned out they got so tuBruno wanted to have sex with Michael for a long time because he has a huge uncut cock and sexy body, but when he finally got the chance his dick was so thick he could barely swallow it all. No problem, though, because his ass had no problem opening up foLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 14latin boyz set 10The hot guy you see in these profile photos with the big curved monster cock is 20 year old Justin.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 6We were intrigued when 19 year old Kilo told us during his interview that he has never had sex with a guy but then added, But I would let a guy suck me off if the money was right. After finishing his photo shoot we reminded him about what he said and askelatin boyz set 9LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornWe re not sure why hot guys that have just gotten out of the military all of a sudden decide they want to model for LatinBoyz.Com but we re glad they do. Ricky D is the latest example.This 22 year old is a bisexual top with a nice big uncut cock swinging Both Starz and iNFAMOUSj have been making some extra money go go dancing for Club Papi since doing their original photo shoots for LatinBoyz.Com. So one night our photographer and Starz were commenting about how hot iNFAMOUSj looked in the underwear he waLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornNando grew up in a small town in the Northwest and didnt have a chance to fool around with any guys until last year when he turned 18 and moved to Texas.Elan has been exploring new ideas with his sexuality lately and when he saw last weeks.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz model Low Key met ShyBoi on social media a couple months ago and really wanted to do a video with him. Unfortunately he lived 2,000 miles away.We dont mean to sound like a broken record but now were convinced that most cute skinny Latinos have HUGE uncut cocks. Our latest evidence: This weeks model Maximo! In the fine tradition of cute thin LatinBoyz with huge cocks like Myke, Chico Valle, AndreLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornThe guy in the photos with the sexy abs and everything else for that matter is our newest model Katracho. Hes 18 and was born in Honduras but raised in Southern California. Hes never fucked around with a guy before but says hes curious and has been hit upWe found Hugo hanging out at the beach in front of our hotel on a recent vacation and couldnt help but notice his hot upper body and sexy eyes. After a couple drinks our photographer worked up the nerves to follow him into the bathroom and see if he couldNorte has done a couple videos on LatinBoyz and is an amazing top. He loves showing off his thick Latino cock so we decided to have him do a solo, too.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornWhy do cute skinny twinks always have big fucking dicks!Menace told us he didnt know if he wanted to do any more porn scenes. But then Katracho told him about how tight Nickys ass was and Menace knew he had to get some of that. And as you can tell from these hot photos he knew just what to do with it.We first saw Jess the way you see him in these photosLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornTopaz was bored hanging out at the local sex club when he noticed the bartender Messi checking him out. He told him he could suck on his dick and if he did that good he might fuck him, too. But on one condition. Topaz doesnt reciprocate and he only fucks The sexy guy shown here with the killer abs and big fucking dick is this weeks new model Reyes. Hes a 21 year old college student from Arizona. Hes versatile and is turned on by guys that are natural and masculine, like himself. In addition to that big diOur new model this week is a cute 21 year old from Arizona that really loves getting his dick sucked and likes to fuck doggy style. He didnt tell us whether he was straight, gay or bi and said, I guess the only way to find out is to get with me. Were sureOur photographer first saw Mavin jacking off on a WebCam site and told him he should model for us. It turns out he was a big fan of the site already and chose his stage name because he was a fan of one of our models, Maven. He said he was down to fuck if LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 20One of the first decisions that has to be made when producing gay Latin sex videos is, Whos going to fuck and whos going to get fucked!: When both models have huge Latino cock like Blade and Ajay its even harder to decide. Blade and Ajay had already fuckeDiego made is debut on LatinBoyz recently bottoming for Low Key in one of our Amateur Action scenes so you probably already know that he has an amazing ass.When Joshua sent us an EMail saying he would be a good LatinBoyz.Com model because he likes to make people people gag on his big Latin dick and swallow his load he definitely got our attention. He also assured us he always shoots a big load and he wasnt eStarz was so fucking horny he decided to use a dildo to satisfy himself. After Tino caught him in the act he pulled out his huge uncut cock and proved what we all already know... Theres nothing like the real thing! Tino pounded that tight hole to submissiLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornAfter doing his solo shoot last month J. P. Decided to try bottoming for the first time...Miggy doesnt have the opportunity to fuck around with guys very often.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornOver the years weve been lucky to meet some of our models on the Los Angeles Metro just like this weeks model 18 year old Lil Raz. As you can see hes not Lil where it counts. This bisexual homie is from East L.A. where he was born and raised. He told us hlatin boyz set 4If you love big Puerto Rican cocks and hot asses on Latino twinks you will love our newest model Jae G. We found him on social media where he had already posted a lot of hot photos and videos he made of himself so we asked him to show his stuff and make sWhen our photographer first spotted Dante walking along the beach he couldnt take his eyes off his sexy six pack abs... Or his cute facE... Or his firm round ass... or the bulge in shorts. He must have been too obvious because Dante blurted out, Are you gThis week new LatinBoyz discovery is a sexy 19 year old from Denver named D-Boi. Hes a versatile top that told us his hottest sexual experience was during a three way. He was fucking one of the guys when the other started fucking him at the same time. WhoThis weeks new model is a 21 year old college student from Texas that always has a smile on his face. And with that big uncut cock we bet he puts a lot of smiles on the faces of the guys hes fucking. He told us most of the guys at his college are bottoms Haxxx is a sexy Puerto Rican top that moved to L. A.Flex is 23 and originally from the Bronx and moved to L.A. about six months ago to go to school. Hes working his way through college as a personal trainer and after seeing these pictures we bet there are a lot of guys that will want some training sessionsLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornlatin boyz set 16One of our members approached Duro at the gym while he was hitting a punching bag hes a boxer.Last week we introduced you to Damien and his 9 inch cock fucking Drizzys hot smooth ass. We got many requests to see his solo photos so we brought him back a few days later. This 21 year old is Mexican and lives in San Gabriel Valley where he says he hasLatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornWe first met 18 year old Blade when he was working at a charity car wash last summer. He looked so good out in the hot sun without a shirt on so we made sure to give him a good tip and our business card. We assumed he was straight because of his tattoos aWhen our photographer in Colombia told us he found a new model at the famous gym that also gave us Dante, Jacob, Rony and a few others we were pretty excited.A couple weeks ago while on a model scouting trip to Rio de Janeiro we know, tough job but somebody has to do it our photographer saw a hot guy walking out of one of the local gyms. The guy recognized our photographer but it took a while for him realize iThis weeks new model is 18 year old GBoy from Galveston. Hes bi and only recently started fooling around with guys and has done mostly oral. He loves getting his dick sucked most of all and can cum multiple times as long as you give him ten to fifteen minSevy is a 23 year old Latino Peruvian who told us his sexual role with guys is experimental. Were not exactly sure what he meant my that but if he needs any volunteers for his experiment we dont think he will have any problem finding them. His sexual fantSince uploading our last Amateur Action scene of Trigger Temper we have had lot of requests, well actually demands would be more acurate, to see a solo session with Trigger. This sexy straight vato was only too happy to show off his big uncut Mexican cockOur photographer in Brazil is lucky because a lot of the raw tops he meets have their own boy bitches to bring with them to their photo shoots.20 year old Jackson loves to kick back, spread is legs and get his thick Latino dick sucked and were sure there is no shortage of people out there willing to help him out. When we were shooting his video he told us straight But... He has messed around wit19 year old Bullet is bisexual and said he loves sports. In fact thats how he started experimenting with guys when he was on the wrestling team. One night he was practicing with one of the guys and the next thing he knew the guy was sucking him off. So faThis weeks model is a 22 year old top from Northern California that has a nice big eight inch Mexican cock. Like his name suggests he likes to be low key and masculine and likes guys that act the same way. He told us his favorite position is when the guy Brax is a cute thin 20 year bisexual guy that told us he really likes being naked and his favorite places to hang out are nude beaches and places like that.20 year old Kash has a pretty nice body as you can see. But it wasnt always that way. Just a year ago this six foot tall papi weighed only 130 lbs and said he was always skinny. So for the last year he has been bulking up and working out every day. The reGrueso means thick in Spanish and by looking at his fat uncut Latin cock you can understand why he got that nickname.When we saw the hot muscular body on this weeks new model we were surprised to find out hes only 19 years old. Turns out hes been working out since he started wrestling back in junior high school. During his interview we found out he wants to be a doctor.New model Tico loved doing his first porn shoot with Jairo last month and liked getting fucked by his big uncut cock. But he called us a couple days later after seeing Cycos hot ass from his latest shoot and practically begged us to let him fuck it.LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornThis weeks new model is a sexy 21 year old Puerto Rican with a huge cut 9 inch dick named Roman. Hes totally versatile and can take a big cock up the ass as well as he can give it. We asked what he does to keep to make his abs so tight and body cut up andThe first thing you will probably notice about our new model Jaydee is that he has a beautiful uncut Latino monster cock.We usually ask our models what their favorite way to get off is.New model Halo wanted to do an Amateur Action scene even more than a solo shoot and asked to be hooked up with the tightest Latino twink we could find for him to fuck.Our photographer first noticed Oskar driving crazy and shirtless on his ATV through the streets of Puerto Vallarta. His first thought: This guy is loco... but hot! He saw him a few other times doing the same thing but never had a chance to talk to him untWe dont meet than many Venezuelan boyz here at LBZ so it was nice to be able to photograph Luis. Hes 22 years old and loves spreading his hole and getting rimmed. He likes getting fucked, too, but only if the other guys is willing to take it up the as welDarrio was first spotted by one of the other models in the locker room at the neighborhood gym.Weve been wanting to see Dantes big uncut Latino cock in action for a long time.Meet our newest model Juango. Hes tall and has big meat and if that wasnt enough he has an amazing cut up body and hot butt with nearly 0 percent body fat. Hes been obsessive about swimming and staying in shape since he was young and it shows. We think heLuiz is a horny 21 year old Brazilian that loves to fuck... and fuck... and fuck some more. He likes fucking raw and can cum and still keep fucking as he did in this scene. He met the photographer of this scene at a sauna and said he wanted to do some porNormally when we meet a new model were most impressed by their cock or ass but with this sexy Puerto Rican it was his beautiful green eyes that caught our attention. Of course it didnt take us long to discover his smooth toned body, fat cock and smooth roDante was in a very bad mood because he got a speeding ticket on the way to the shoot and end up taking it out on Raymundo by face fucking him hard and then fucking his ass even harder.A lot of times there are interesting stories about how our models get together for their scenes. This weeks story isnt so interesting but the action is hot. Both models contacted us saying they were horny and so we put them together. They definitely hit iSome of our models like to brag that theyre ballers, but in the case of our newest model Rony its 100 percent true.Byron did an action scene for us about a year ago with Austin but shortly after that we lost contact with him until last week. Turns out he was in a relationship that ended badly so he contacted us and ask if he could finally come back to do his solo photIts no secret we like Latin cock especially when its attached to a cute bisexual 18 year old like Hannibal. So far he has been with a couple girls and one very lucky guy that he fucked. He really enjoyed fucking the guy and is sure he wants to fuck some mStiven has made it his goal to fuck all the hot guys at his gym and has scored with Dante, Jako and Rony but somehow Jacob has managed to elude him...Our newest model, 19 year old Prince Rick, contacted us after we released our video of Menace fucking a guy for the first time. He let us know that he has been wanting to do porn for a long time and experiencing Menaces big Honduran dick would be a great Our photographer saw Andres at the beach and did everything he could think of except begging to convince him to model for LatinBoyz.This turned out to be a good day for Memo. Originally he was set to get fucked by Maximos big uncut Puerto Rican cock but just as we started shooting the scene Rascal showed up unannounced. Memo has already been fucked by Rascal once before and wanted it Nicky had so much fun doing his first porn video with Katracho a couple weeks ago that he was eager to try again but as a top this time. We introduced him to Low Key and they hit it off right away but Low Keys a top. Nicky took one for the team so to speaThis hot Latino man with all the tattoos is a sexy Colombian that goes to the same gym our model Dante from a couple weeks ago.The sexy naked Latin man you see in the photo above is our newest model Ice.Our photographer went back to the same park where he met Demon a couple weeks ago in hopes of running into him again. Unfortunately he didnt see Demon there but he did catch a glimpse of Angel doing push ups with no shirt on.Its not often that you meet someone with a big Latino dick and ass that is good at using them both. Hes passionate about dancing and having fun everyday and too young to be serious about anything right now!LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornWhen we first met Matias we were not sure what category to put him in. At 18 years of age he could be considered a twink but he has been weight lifting and power building for four years and definitely has a mans body so we decided on jock.We havent seen Low Key for over a year.New model Angel told us during his solo video that he had sex with a guy once but was too drunk to remember, so he said he wanted to watch us film an Amateur Action gay Latin porn scene.Fabio did his first scene on LatinBoyz last month when Conejo fucked him hard and raw. He liked it so much that hes been begging the photographer in Brazil to find another hot guy with a big dick that likes to do it bareback, too. He got impatient from waWe met this weeks new model at a local park where he was kicking back and enjoying a beer after playing basketball with his homies.When Blaze first did he solo photo shoot he was said he was straight but after a few weeks he contacted us saying he was willing to do a fuck scene with him fucking a bottom, now he has come full circle and says he now likes to bottom and suck dick just aBaller has a big uncut Latino piece. Blade also has a big uncut Latino piece. Not to mention theyre both cute as can be. We thought it would be interesting to put them together and see what happens. Baller was on his phone having an argument with his girlLatinBoyz model Temper met 18 year old Trigger on the metro and immediately knew he wanted to get in his pants. But then he found out he was straight. They kept talking and realized they had a lot in common and Trigger hinted that he might fool around if LatinBoyz.Com - best gay Latin pornNorte is a 20 year old straight guy that works as a waiter at a restuarant close to Gabriels house. He invited him over for a couple beers one night and found out thats all it takes to get inside his pants.Jamie told us when he first came out he was a strict top but that so many of the guys he was with were always trying to get at his ass and its one of the finest asses ever featured on LBZ he finally gave it up and now likes getting fucked just as much as Hugo told us he has been hanging out with a straight neighbor that told him he was curious about doing it with guys and was also in need of some money. Hugo convinced him to do a video and it went well because he likes how guys suck dick better than girlsSince breaking up with his girlfriend a couple months ago Dante has been really horny and fucking around with guys more often. He likes fucking Hector so much that he brought him in for this hot session.Our photographer had not seen Raptors dick hard before the shoot so imagine his surprise when he walked in the room and saw that huge uncut monster cock. We originally offered him the job because of his cute face and sexy abs but got more than our moneys When Menace is hot and horny he knows to come over to LatinBoyz.Com studios where hell always find a hot ass waiting to take his big Honduran cock. Starz told us he hadnt been fucked in a long time so it made perfect sense to have both of them over at theAs you can tell our new model Jhonny is really into tattoos. You might also notice that a some of them have to do with fucking, which is his favorite thing in life to do.When he did his solo photo shoot last month we asked Deezie if he was straight, bi or gay and he didnt answer. He just told us I guess the only way to find out is to get with me. Later we found out he has never been with a guy at all but was willing to trSexy Brazilian papi Gustavo aka Mack has a huge uncut cock.LBZ power bottom Gabriel loves taking raw dicks but our photographer cant find new models fast enough for him so he brought his bisexual neighbor Gio in for some fun.When Gio did his solo shoot a couple weeks ago he mentioned that he might want to try bottoming in his next scene.This hot looking guy in the basketball shorts with all the yummy foreskin is our newest model Bent. Hes a 21 one year old Puerto Rican who was born and raised in Texas. He said hes straight but also told us he has messed around with guys and has been a toThis serious-looking 18 year old with the cute bubble butt and nice uncut cock is our newest model Bebeto. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. He was on his High School wrestling team and will be on his college team this fall. He told us he is always hTodays new scene should be titled Incocencios Conquest.Since first publishing his solo video and photos a couple months ago we have had a tremendous number of requests to see Austin in action.Although Marc is more of a top, he really wanted to do his first Amateur Action scene with Grueso, who is a strict top. So, he decided to take one for the team! Watch him get fucked bareback and take a cum facial in these hot photos and video.This cute 18 year old with the swimmers body is Jaime from Colombia. He has that sexy swimmers body because hes an actual swimmer on the same team as recent models Jay D and Valentino. He looks cute with braces and said he loves to suck dick, two things tThis weeks model is 18 year old Myke. You can tell this cute skinny papi ran track when he was in school because he has a tight smooth body and still runs every day now that hes in college. Hes also into MMA and tells people not to judge him by his small You already know the cute new model that made his LBZ debut with Katracho a couple weeks ago has a nice ass. But probably didnt know he has a tight cut up body, amazing six pack and thick rock hard cock in addition to that amazing ass. Weve had many reque18 year old Maze is born and raised in Los Angeles and always loved playing sports but his favorite was always wrestling! He said he made it to the state championship on his High School team but lost in the quarter finals!We asked him if he was gay, strai

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All models were at least 18 years old when they were photographed.