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Carter is brand new to modelling recently19 he is a bundle of energy, he works in a bar and plays on his motor cross scrambler and mountain bike.Brad did a shoot for our sister website fityoungmen. Com and was very relaxed about being naked.Jack is a young straight man who is very comfortable taking off his clothes and what a great bodyMountain bike rider Carter Jones is in front of my camera this week after his friend and former English Lads model Deano recommended him.Luca maybe a little bit short but what he lacks in height he makes up for in cock length!We havent seen Henry for a while, he was the least sure of the two models about doing this next step, the idea of a cock going in his mouth seemed too weird so we were a while convincing him of sucking a cock!Frankie is a hot and muscled guy - a person trainer - he would make your head turn at the gym. Hes tall, broad, tanned, got an incredible upper body - muscular and fit, this guy looks amazing naked.Marco Braid is a sporty young straight man with a lean body, this guy has great abs and when his boxers come off you see his lovely uncut cock, thick and long - perfect!Ronan is a guy who loves to get naked in front of the camera, hes confident, cocky and enjoys showing off! He strips off and shows off his lean body, his very large cock almost instantly hard he wanks it for us, shows it and his ass off to the camera.Ronan is a young man who knew one of our other models and wanted to earn some holiday moneyMarc is a young straight man who was born in Italy and over the next few decades he lived in many countries this is a young man with confidence, experience and a willingness to try new things! As his clothes come off you can admire his athletic body, he pWe asked three of our hottest models to come together for this shoot, it was huge fun - cheeky personalities and hot bodies! Jack, Andrew and Cameron are a threesome that dreams are made of - they are all super-fit, and all now feel relaxed showing off thEnglishlads - Model: Jay MaxEnglishlads - Model: Anton DicksonJaden is best mates with Ben one of our other models and the two lads are like two peas in a pod they both cant believe they are taking off their kit and getting hard and wanking off on camera, but it is strangely enjoyable! Jaden is tall and dark, has anTim is back for a second shoot his first one went down a storm, a tall athletic lad, lean and toned with bright blue eyes and a cheeky smile boxers off and we discover a massive talent! This lad is hung, pretty long over 8 inches and real thick he has a wEnglishlads - Model: Brace LevittEnglishlads - Model: Kevin DownsEnglishlads - Model: Ben NottsEnglishlads - Model: David FarrowJaden is best mate of Ben Thompson and it took Jaden a lot longer to agree to having his cock sucked by a guy in the end he is tense for just a few minutes and then really relaxes as Dans obvious head giving talents work its magic! Looking at how hard JadTall, lean and defined straight young man Jaden agrees to let a lad massage his body and today he lies back and enjoys a relaxing massage from Dan. As Dan brushes Jadens cock and then gives that muscle and massage Jaden starts to grow and before you know Englishlads - Model: Troy ONeilEnglishlads - Model: Jack SutherlandEnglishlads - Model: Troy ONeilEnglishlads - Model: Jerry JamesAiden has been out of the country for much of the last year and now back home he asked if he can do another shoot.Englishlads - Model: David FarrowJamie is confident young man who seems to enjoy showing off his body and today he goes for another experience last time we saw him fuck Stewart, today he lets Dan stick a toy up his ass and pump it loads! Jamie enjoys having his cock wanked and today thatEnglishlads - Model: Matt StephensEnglishlads - Model: David RobinsonEnglishlads - Model: Angel MorrisEnglishlads - Model: Jez JamesEnglishlads - Model: Ben RodgersJohn is a young man who is quietly spoken, he comes across as slightly shy, though you soon realise he is quietly confident and he quite likes showing off his body. He has played football through his teens and has one of those footie player bodies, nice tEnglishlads - Model: Mark Walpole Englishlads - Model: Jamie GordensEnglishlads - Model: Jamie GordensRicky is becoming increasingly naughty on camera, he is bounding full of energy and confidence, but he didnt want to do anything other than a solo. Luckily he changed his mind and so he lets Cameron massage him, who pays special attention to Rickys hole! Englishlads - Model: Angel & LeePaolo is a young lad who has done loads of active sport - not just gym, but athletics and parkour.Englishlads - Model: Ben RodgersEnglishlads - Model: Liam JonEnglishlads - Model: Max TayleEnglishlads - Model: Jason SmithyTwo young straight lads are always great to shoot and with Cameron being such a cheeky young lad he makes it easy for our other models to perform to their best. A playful start with them comparing bodies, Cameron might just have the edge on muscle size, AEnglishlads - Model: Ben NottsJoey is a young man who drives a van for a living and today shows us a great way to release the stress of driving!Englishlads - Model: Dan CurrenEnglishlads - Model: Ethan MarshEnglishlads - Model: Liam JonEnglishlads - Model: Tod AndersonGeorge Long is lean and sporty young guy - he has a bit of facial hair on his handsome face, and a some hair on his legs, but he has a smooth chest and fit body.Noah Goulding is a strapping guy! Tall, blond, handsome and muscular - this guy is a natural athlete - the sort of body that turns heads!Niall is a confident young man who plays football as a career and has just discovered that he can also make some money showing off his lean and toned body! He is smooth bodied and slightly hairy legs, though he has real powerful legs which look great fromEnglishlads - Model: Chase TrentJohn is a keen sportsman, when not at the gym he is playing football or playing tennis, it seems like there is no sport he is not good at! When it comes to showing off on camera he is soon down to his boxers and he enjoys showing off that lean and muscledEnglishlads - Model: Jason SmithyEnglishlads - Model: Mark RobertsGeorge is a young man with bundles of energy, he plays a lot of football and is very relaxed showing off his lean and smooth body. He is confident and cheeky in his clothes and as they come off he enjoys himself even more he pulls down his jeans and reachCameron is back for a new adventure with Jack the lads are very relaxed and Jack soon takes control and works out what look to be some magic hands. Jack has some massage experience and is soon making Cameron whimper with pleasure as Camerons stiff body isRudy is a young lad who works at a fair ground he is one hairy young pup who was a little shy at the beginning and as his clothes came off and I paid him a few complements about his well hairy body he relaxed and enjoyed showing himself off. So much so thFlynn is a young man with a very big uncut cock and he loves being naked and is discovering the fun of showing it off on camera.Chester is an athletic young straight hunk who has played loads of sports and recently trained hard for MMA which has produced rock hard abs. He is full of confidence and likes the idea of showing off his body according to his mates, two I know, he is proIt is great to see Luke go so far today and not only get a cock up his ass for the first time, but do it so well.Englishlads - Model: Jack SutherlandEnglishlads - Model: Darian HawkJamie is a confident you man, tall and lean, from playing loads of football and with nice muscle shape, smooth chest and real hairy legs. Even in his jeans there is an eye catching jeans bulge, stripped to his boxers even in black it shows! Once naked youStraight lad Leigh is a cheeky lad who isnt at all shy in front of the camera. He has a nice lean body, and likes to show it off - in his first photo shoot he agreed to play with a dildo so in this photo shoot we wanted to push him even further, and out cChristopher is a keen runner originally from Belfast and Now living in London. He was one of our first models and I remember how excited Chris was right the way through the shoot. He has a fabulous body, is very well endowed and since the shoot has taken Will is quite big all over, standing at 64 he towers over you with those dark features and sparkly eyes that really come to life when he smiles. With some clothes off, which happens very quick today since this straight lad seems more comfortable naked thaTwo straight young men who are best mates came to me a year or so ago and look what ends up happening, Jaden ends up fucking his best mate Ben! When they first did shoots they didnt want to be naked in front of each other and what a great job they do todaEnglishlads - Model: Zack TaylorEnglishlads - Model: David RobinsonBrendan did a shoot for our sister website and he caused quite a stir came across as all shy to begin and ended up coming out big time. Today he is dressed in black and as his clothes come off his eyes brighten up and as he shows off his pale and defined Straight Marine Tyler is back and lucky Josh is the one to have a play, gently kissing Tyler and getting more and more excited he is soon down on his knees in Tylers boxers and soon sucking on a very hard uncut erection! Josh cant believe his luck and to Josh enjoyed his solo and wasnt sure straight men should have their cocks touched by a gay man luckily he changed that view and agreed to let Dan massage his body and after such a great massage and hole viewing he lets Dan wank his big uncut weapon. Josh Straight, hairy and slim young pup Kevin is put through his paces by muscular straight stud Cameron who helps and pushes Kevin into a half decent workout! Before you know it they are both naked and Cameron puts Kevin across his knee and gives his bare butTom is a young man who enjoys showing off his body and what a great one he has a little less hairy this his second shoot, but looking equally great, big muscles and at well over 6 foot tall he is one hunk of a personal trainer you wouldnt mind watching inStraight muscular rugby stud Cory enjoyed showing off his body in his solo today he wasnt so sure he really needed a hand, though check out how hard he is after Dan feels him up through his briefs and he pulls his erect uncut cock out and gives it a wank!Slightly shy Stewart paired with naughty boy Chris and you certainly get some hot straight lad on straight lad action! Chris starts things off giving Stewart some head who returns the favour, both lads are pretty good now at giving head and get real hard Straight footballer Ronaldo has continued to surprise, a quick kiss at the end of his last video and today its long and sensual kisses and before you know it both lads are naked and wanking each other off! Justin bends down to suck on Ronaldo and before yEnglishlads - Model: Leo HopkinsNew lad Jamie has moved on quickly from his solo shoot and when I chatted to him about ideas for his next shoot, this was the outcome! He didnt push back, except he said he might be a little nervous but was happy to give it a go! So Jamie, paired with SteFinn Wright and Jack Harper are two straight lads who seem very relaxed in each others companyStewart our laid back personal trainer is matched with our other fitness enthusiast Royal Marine Tyler and these two straight young studs are soon kissing and hands in each others boxers feeling each other up boxers down, cocks up and Stewart is soon gobbEnglishlads - Model: Angel MorrisEnglishlads - Model: Jason AdamsNow here is a match made in heaven two straight boys, Rich is a Personal Trainer and has a surprise in his pants as he is hung like a horse and enjoys having his big uncut cock being played with, so who better than naughty boy Chris! Chris is lean and tonThis is a great shoot with two straight lads and Joshs boundaries are being well and truly pushed! Its quite a playful start with the lads deciding to do a little wrestling and before long they have ripped off each others shorts and are soon naked wrestliEnglishlads - Model: Mark DavisLeo has done a few shoots and wasnt sure about getting his cock sucked this is a bonus set of photos as we dont have a video to partner it, but I thought you would all enjoy seeing the photo shoot we did where Leo gets his cock sucked by a guy for the 1stEnglishlads - Model: Mark WalpoleConnor is a muscular, tanned young straight lad - defined yet looks strong, he's a handsome guy and definitely the sort of lad who should show off his body!Cory is one of these big and tall straight rugby players who you just dont expect to be doing this, though he seems to be quite relaxed and discovering showing off his body is a lot of fun and actually he discovers Dan gives a really good blow-job! For a Englishlads - Model: Tyson RoyceEnglishlads - Model: Leo HopkinsEnglishlads - Model: David RobinsonBrad Askew is a young fit lad, very lean and handsome, he took some persuading to get touched by another guy.Englishlads - Model: Edward SharpYoung lad Sam was a popular guy on FitYoungMen, and was very chilled out about getting naked and getting hard on camera, so he jumped at the chance of doing an EL shoot. Hes a lean, athletic looking guy - with a handsome face, and eyes that really pull yoDominic is in charge today and he has straight young blond pup Otto to play with and today Otto is wanking off his first man!Englishlads - Model: Anton DicksonMax is a young man who is used to helping others develop their bodies, today he discovers he quite likes showing off his own and as he strips down he gets cheekier! He is a nice balance of good muscle size and definition and a nice sprinkling of hair lookMike is a young man full of confidence and liking the idea of taking his clothes off and showing off his lean and muscular body. He is quite the hairy lad and has one of those cocks, that just the idea of being on camera sees it shoot up erect and before Englishlads - Model: Todd JordanEnglishlads - Model: David FarrowEnglishlads - Model: Jez JamesRiley is a young man who plays loads of football, he looks great in his striking green kit and even better when he pulls out his shorts a nice uncut cock, which is soon erect and he shows off he can even do his tricks with his erect cock out the leg of hiEnglishlads - Model: Lee PhilipsEnglish Lads free porn gallery set 356Joe is a young man friends of Cameron and the lads met while Cameron was on a Uni exchange with Joe in the US. So now Joe is here in England, Cameron mentioned he had done a little modelling and look what happened! Joe saying he was worried he wouldnt be It seems on my bed there's lots of muscle today! Joe is a handsome, tattooed muscular lad with a very naughty and adventurous streak and a cheeky grin.This is Dan stripping off for you and playing around naked next to a mirror so there are some great double shots! There are some great expressions on his face as he shoots a huge load.Englishlads - Model: Gareth NewbyEnglishlads - Model: Donny JamesFreddie is one of these young straight men who seems to come to life as his clothes come off! He is a personal trainer and enjoys helping people with their body goals and it seems like he is only to happy to strip off and show you his! Freddie is very leaAaron first modelled for us several years ago now, and he was always one of our most popular lads - and it was clear why. He was fresh faced, smooth, extremely toned and performed well on camera. Today he returns and he is just as handsome as ever, if notThese two straight young men have come on quite a journey and today they get over their shyness and step up and deliver, stripping down and having some fun cock play and before you know it they are both semi and wanking each other off! These two have a grTravis is a really hunky straight lad - he plays rugby and it shows in his body - solid upper body and shoulders and sturdy legs, muscular and strong, he's a really masculine guy.Young, hunky and very hairy Will Addison is back and has by request let his hair grow out even more! He loves to flex his muscles after working hard at the gym all week and is not shy to whip off his clothes.Sam has been on one of these straight young men on a fast journey a boxer by trade looks so innocent when you see him alone, yet a little encouragement and you see him with Jack and he has become quite the experimentalist! Jack wanks Sam and ends up on hiEnglishlads - Model: Pete DanielsEnglishlads - Model: Sam BrookerEnglishlads - Model: Ethan MarshOtto is a straight lad, very tall and lean and toned with great abs and he is very happy doing solo shoots saying it is flattering that people want to wank over him.Todd is a really relaxed lad and you can see that in the photos, there are loads of smiley faced shots! He strips down pretty quick and soon has his cock in his hand. Its quick to get hard and he does a load of wanking in all sorts of positions and then oWelcome into the new year, Charlie is back to perform for us today, showing off his lean and toned body and check out that hole! In his first shoot he didnt want to part his legs, today, they shine wide and this young straight pup teases us with his pulsaJack is another of these young straight men who is happy to get naked on camera, but he isnt sure another man should be touching his cock.Travis is a young lad who plays a lot of different sports and was discovered by one of our other models, Callum and Travis ended up on the same team and look what happened! Travis has one of these lean and muscular bodies with lots of hair where it looks Will is a young man who has just discovered it can be quite a turn on showing off on camera. He is one of these sporty young men whose body and muscles are rock hard, almost hair free, except a fuzz around his jewels and everything is rock hard! Will doesJason phoned me recently and asked if we had any shoots I only had to pause a few seconds and said, yes of course, I know just the model we can pair you with! I know how much naughty Chris seems to like getting a fucking and Jason does a great job. ThoughLogan is a young man who comes across as a little shy when you first meet him, but get to know him and have him take a few clothes off and he changes! He becomes quite confident as his clothes come off and its not surprising as he has one of those nicely Leo has done two solo shoots and that is where I thought it would end after much trying he finally agreed to let us massage his body and today he lets Dan de-stress his muscles, though looking at how tight his butt cheeks are when Dan prises them apart thYoung straight pup Jasper is back for a second visit and today he pumps up his body and does a teasy strip, pumps up his body some more and before you know it his uncut cock is rock hard and Jasper only does really hard, his cock sticks up thick and real Englishlads - Model: Dan CurrenJames is back to show off his skills at pumping his holeGeorge is a young straight man who plays a lot of football, he has those firm and nice shaped legs, hardly any hair and as you come up you can enjoy his well defined abs, again almost hair free. The only place he has any hair is reserved in his boxers, thEnglishlads - Model: Daniel HudsonEnglishlads - Model: Ben NottsYoung lad Joe Appleton is a fit young lad who plays a lot of sport, and is very lean as a resultEnglishlads - Model: Zack LeeJust in case those of us in cold places, like England right now, have forgotten what it feels like to be warmed in the sun, then look no further than this shoot where gay lad Jon, with a massive 9 inch uncut and extra thick cock gives it to straight lad CJoe is a fit young man who works in fitness as a personal trainer and enjoys mixed martial arts, all this sport has crafted those great shoulders and strong legs and in between his body is covered with loads of dark blond hair.Kevin is one of these young straight men who you just cant predict I did a shoot for our sister website, and he seemed quite laid back, he did a solo for EL and enjoyed it, though blocked me when I suggested going a little further. Today dRussell is a young man with a very hard body he strips down to his boxers and you can enjoy those hard muscles, he has some great tattoos, might not be everyones tastes but nicely done body art I have warmed to. He whips down his boxers and up pops a rewaJames Harrison is an outgoing handsome guy - long dark hair, easy smile, great body from lots of sport, we find him sat on the bed in just his undies.Justin didnt realize quite what he was in for today he had seen a little bit of Richs previous shoots, but he hadnt quite realized just how big Rich is! Rich is one of these straight lads who gets turned on when anyone goes near his cock, would prefer a gEnglishlads - Model: Edward SharpJasper is a young straight man who these days plays lots of rugby and through his teens was a gymnast. He is bouncing full of confidence and is seemingly happier the less he has on and the minute his uncut cock comes out he cant take his hands of it! His Ryan is a young man who had played football for many yearEnglishlads - Model: Anton DicksonEnglishlads - Model: Rob ElliottTomas is a straight young man who has already proven his manhood since he is a Dad. One of these young men confident in his body and I think he enjoys showing it off more than a little bit. As a former boxer he is used to being in front of crowds and the Englishlads - Model: Kev AdamsonEnglishlads - Model: Kev AdamsonEnglishlads - Model: Anton DicksonEnglishlads - Model: Tod AndersonEnglishlads - Model: Sam BrookerToday is one of these exciting days where you see Corey, a straight hunk of a rugby player step out his comfort zone and let a guy suck his cock! The nice thing is, Corey is pretty laid back and he manages to enjoy it enough so his uncut cock is like a roSam is a tall and lean young man who discovered a mate of his modelled for my website a few years ago and he thought he would try it out! His mate doesnt yet know his footsteps have been followed and Sam jumped in with real enthusiasm his clothes come offTroy is an athletic young man who runs around on either his skate board or is surfing the waves down in Devon. Since he was able to walk he remembers being on one of his boards and the result is a young man with a real defined body, ripped abs and lumps aEnglishlads - Model: David ShortRufus is a young lad into boxing, and keeping fit in general.Harvey first popped up on our screens last year and this lad is back to show off he is not the shy type and that wow tattoo gets shown off how it should be! Educated where lots of sporty types go, went abroad following his passion for Muay Thai and lands Englishlads - Model: Jerry JamesEnglishlads - Model: Matt StephensI like meeting models like Luke he can dress in pretty much anything and make it look good. Dressed in not very much and you can enjoy his tattoos , lean body sprinkled with a little hair and just wait til he is naked! He has a lively uncut cock, well hunEnglishlads - Model: Christoper JamesIt is not every day you see something like this happen straight pup Josh experiments today, he is sort of getting comfortable letting a lad touch and suck, after all it feel pretty good, though he grabs Dans cock and wanks his first lad off before gettingEnglishlads - Model: Mark RobertsEnglishlads - Model: David FarrowEnglishlads - Model: Max TayleEnglishlads - Model: Jay MaxEnglishlads - Model: Christoper JamesEnglishlads - Model: David ShortEnglishlads - Model: Kevin DownsCharlie is very relaxed today and was up for trying something new so he starts off showing his impress soft cock and what a great bulge that forms in his briefs. Once out his uncut cock, must be 5 inches when soft, grows into its impressive 8 inch rod of Hairy hunk Travis is in for a surprise today, though it ends up we are all in for a surprise as I pair him with straight pop Jack and we are in for a right adventure! It all starts with Jack sliding his hands in to Traviss boxers and he finds something alEnglishlads - Model: David RobinsonTwo straights lads, Doug and Chris throw in Dan and two are looking a whole heap less straight at the end! No holes barred fun, lots of kissing and sucking by them all, some great fucking by Dan, Doug and Chris and some great receiving by Dan and Chris, DLuke certainly is progressing and pushing his boundaries!Ricky is a young straight man who is bursting full of confidence and that hint of cockiness bubbles over and combined with his naturally flirtatious personality we are in for a journey. He know how to flirt and work the camera since he has done a little bPaolo has fine tuned his body from a little gym work and mainly from all his acrobatics while training for Parkour and he shows us a little of his skills while wanking doing a handstand and a few other tricks!Straight blond hunk Josh has been on quite a journey from his solo shoot 18 months ago to today where we might be discovering a straight lad who is great at getting fucked! They dont come along that often, but straight men who can enjoy a cock up their asEnglishlads - Model: Christoper JamesEnglishlads - Model: Todd JordanStraight and hairy young man Will is back for some more action and today he is very laid back and allows Dan to strip him down and have a feel. Judging by how hard he gets he is enjoying it and is very happy to see how his first man blow job feels. Will gJoe did a photo shoot for our sister website fityoungmen and was excited to push his boundaries and check out how he rises to the occasion! A professional footballer with a very toned and athletic body Joe is looking to be as happy out of his clothes as iSimon is a young straight lad born in Lithuania, who has lived the bulk of his life in London. Hes very tall, and lean with it - he towers above me - but the most important thing is that he is built in proportion! As we see in this photo shoot, he is moreJake is a tall and muscular young man who works as a personal trainer and enjoys showing off his own body. His shirt comes off and shows off his impressive muscles covered in a hint of hair and when his trackies come down he shows us he hasnt forgotten toNew lad Jon is in safe hands today with straight hung star Jack, though I thought Jon was going to be a little shy and quiet in his first shoot, though Jack has his hands full with this cocky young upstart who perhaps because he fancies young Jack means hStraight blond footballer Ben gave in to our requests and came along for a relaxing massage he was a little nervous when Dan first starting touching his body and he didnt know whether to laugh or cry! Luckily he started to relax and when his boxers came oJoe is a young man with a physical job as a builder and in the evening he runs and plays football and as a result he is lean and ripped and has one of those uncut cocks that stands straight up!Kevin is a handsome lad with a natural body who has been progressing fast on the site! He seems happy to experiment, and we thought wed take advantage of that! Chris is one of our cheekiest models, easy with a grin, and nice big uncut cock, and he now knoEnglishlads - Model: Lee PhilipsEnglishlads - Model: Chase TrentEnglishlads - Model: Mark DavisBen is a keen MMA fighter and by all accounts he is pretty good at it. Combine that with his gym work and this young mans body is pretty sculpted and bulges in all the right places. He is very relaxed and confident and smiles more the less he has on. By tEnglishlads - Model: Jamie JohnsonYoung straight lad Henry Kane is super fit - an avid climber, he has an enviable body. Hes been coming on a gentle journey with us, and today hes going to try a toy inside him!A tall and broad shouldered lad with big muscles, look back 8 years and Dalton was a slim bodied lad with 76kg body. Today he shows us his 102kg body and as his clothes come off you can see not only are his muscles big, but he is very toned, with great abWe have been on a teasy journey with Aaron, who first modeled for us when he was 18, now at 22 and after a few solo shoot he agreed to do a shoot next to another lad and what a great pair of blonds! So what do you do when you have two straight young blondEnglishlads - Model: Max TayleLast time we saw straight lad Kevin he was more than a hint out of his comfort zone, today he comes back to see if we can push his boundaries and he can cope! Well he copes with the early bit where he gets massaged and Dan plays with his foreskin, giving Jake did a shoot for our sister website and it has taken me a long time to convince him doing a video is not such a bad thing! So here is the first part and he does a great job at showing off in this photo set, he is tall and toned with great muscles and We have our own fireworks tonight as very naughty young straight pup Jack steps out and entertains us in his own spectacular way! I wasnt expecting quite the hotness that happened as both lads are not into kissing guys, but that was just the beginning of Englishlads - Model: Jason AdamsThis is a shoot where best mates Jaden and Ben come even further along their explorations, it starts with a bit of teasy wanking and before you know it they have both sucked their first cocks and naughty Chris is enjoying teaching the Essex lads a thing oEnglishlads - Model: Daniel HudsonAlfie has been resisting our offers of doing a massage for some time today he decided to give it a go and although he was a little nervous about letting a guy manhandle him he lay back and enjoyed having a great massage and being tossed by a guy for the fLiam is a handsome young lad, and today hes in for a massage and doesnt seem to mind having a guys hands on himHudson was very natural in his first shoot for our sister website fityoungmen and we learnt this muscular young straight man is never happier than when out of his clothes.Englishlads - Model: Christoper JamesEnglishlads - Model: Rob ElliottJoe is has a really stunning body - he keeps really fit in the gym and has a great muscular shape as a result - strong upper body and lean abs.Englishlads - Model: Tyson RoyceToday we see Will being a whole lot dirtier than his last shoot, this time with Dan he decides to try out lots of new things and from his last shoot, an uncomfortable wank off with another lad. Today he jumps in at the deep end and swims real well! He tooDeclan Rice is a well built muscular young guy - younger than he looks, his body is solid, revealing his sporting and MMA background. BlondRyan is tall and lean, plays football and works as a personal trainer, so his body is a great balance of muscle size and definition and when naked you can enjoy his other great asset, a big uncut cock!Sam is a young straight boxer who cant believe he agreed for someone else to be in his shoot. One minute you get those furrowed eye brows and mean look like he is ready to give you a right hook and the next he smiles. Sam is both a boxer and a personal trEnglishlads - Model: Zack TaylorAndrew was last hear during our summer heat wave, though judging at what happens in this shoot its just as hot in December! A little more than a hint out of his comfort zone, Andrew lets Dan give him a massage, though he admits he enjoys the back and leg Harry is a young straight man who has started to enjoy showing off his body. He wasnt sure about doing a shoot with anyone else so toys came into discussion! After a tentative start, Harry is soon naked and seemingly enjoying playing with the dildo that dJoel is a friend of Cameron and these two lads share quite a few things in common both are tall and muscular, a hint of shyness and very hard toned bodies and both have uncut cocks that get very hard indeed. Joel is the taller and also packs a punch in hiJack is a young lean lad - with a great body. He's done a photo shoot for us, but today we're up on the roof gardenEnglishlads - Model: Neil SimmonsJames is back to pump his ass with a bigger dildo and boy does it seem to touch the spot.Englishlads - Model: Pete DanielsGeorge is a young man who strips as a job so he isnt shy about taking off his kit, but he admitted nearly all the work he has done has been in front of women! Once some of those clothes come off you can admire his big physique, he is very tall and broad aEnglishlads - Model: Jamie JohnsonScott is a young straight man I met when he came round my house to do some electrical work before he knew it he was naked in front of my camera, it was a nice hot say so he strips down to his boxers on the roof and shows off his perfectly toned body. He iEnglishlads - Model: Ben NottsTravis is a young straight man who seems to enjoy taking off his clothes on camera. As you can see as his trousers come down his pants start to bulge out and its obvious he has a bit of a semi, though as he pulls down his boxers its obvious he isnt semi, We see straight and young blond lad Jack lie back and try something out new, he is slowly stripped down and felt up by Dan, his nervous laugh suggesting he might be a hint outside of his comfort zone, yet going with the flow and sort of half enjoying the Flynn is a young lad, lean and fit, with an outgoing personality where he loves to show off his bodyThis is one of those shoots I never thought I would be lucky enough to photograph Young straight stud Jamie letting us manhandle him and Jack does a great job at showing you how a massage should be done! Two straight lads enjoying a little bit of body conI have been on a steady journey with Briley, I first photographed him for our sister website when was just 19, now he is 22 and has since changed from a boy to a young man. His chest is starting to grow quite a lot of hair and his muscles have continued tJack did a shoot for our sister website and was very laid back in that shoot, agreeing to everything I asked and today he is no different.Englishlads - Model: David ShortEnglishlads - Model: Zack LeeEnglishlads - Model: David ShortThis is one of those shoots I wasnt expecting Cameron suggested his good mate Joel come and do a solo and how well he did. Here on Joels second shoot he agrees to let his best mate give him a massage! Dont you love it when straight mates manage a little cJack is a young straight man who judging at how hard his uncut cock gets he is enjoying all the attention that he gets from Josh, who cant believe his luck at getting his hands on this straight hunk. Josh is enjoying kissing and rubbing Jacks cock, the twQuinn Williams is a tall young lad, hes lean and well defined - his smooth tanned body is largely smooth. His youthful face is handsome and clean-cut.Blake Hurd is a handsome young straight lad, with a grown mans body - tall, hairy and very masculineWill is a young man who strips for a living, this confident young man from Liverpool just loves being naked and he is slightly awkward in his clothesHarry is a young straight man with a great body, he plays rugby and goes to the gym and has nice size muscles and great definition and a smooth body with just a hint of a blond fuzz. He enjoys showing off his body and has a nice long uncut cock to top it Liam agreed to do the shoot today and get a massage from Jack and as you can see from the photos Liam was very happy to have his boundaries pushed some more!Max came on quite a journey in this, only his second shoot. Today he has Jack to deal with and his boundaries certainly get tested as Jack is soon looking into Maxs boxers and making jokes! Boxers off Jack is down blowing Max and after getting Max very arJosh is a young man with a great job and he discovered it is real fun to show off on camera. He is naturally athletic and plays lots of sports and as a result he enjoys showing off his body for us to admire. He strips down to his briefs and flexes his bulOli Lennox is back to experiment a little, and for the video weve paired him with Jack Montague.Ricky is one of these straight lads who is one bundle of confidence yet he is always Mr Cautious every time we try and push his boundaries. Though luckily once a new idea is agreed he gives it his all and that is exactly what happened today, Ricky really Today we see some straight boys in some real action, Jack is getting used to playing with guys and today paired with naughty Chris we see some great straight boy action. Both uncut cocks come out and are soon semi, Jack is first to show off his cock suckiRyan Kent is a lean fit footballer, handsome and tanned this lad was initially a bit tentative about having another guy play with himTom is a very tall and broad shouldered straight man, with a real hairy chest and today you can get to see him explore his very hairy hole with a toy or two! He plays about with big blue at the beginning of the shoot and is suddenly wondering why he agreeWe start journeys with models and Joel is one who did a solo shoot and he didnt want to do any more. He conceded and let Cameron touch his cock while getting a massage, but he was always telling me he didnt want to do any more. Joel is one of these straigJames is a tall young straight guy who plays loads of sport and is constantly outside - as a result his body is ripped and lean - with a little hair on his body, he's a masculine looking guy.Eddie has been resisting this shoot for some time and so today you see one muscular young straight hunk let another man touch his lovely big uncut cock, something you would never see him do in his private life.Eddie is a real hunk of a guy - tall, very muscular, he's enormously built in every department!Howard did a shoot for our sister website and was very relaxed in fact he is one of these young men who seems a bit awkward being photographed in clothesBriley is a young straight man who over the years has worked hard on perfecting that toned body with nice muscle size and real low body fat. He has bright blue eyes and as those clothes come off he smiles more and then he looks younger and cheekier! BrileFreddy is cousin of Jarvis Watkins who has modelled for our sister website FitYoungMen and both lads have a lot in commonJake is a young man with great definition and good muscle size and those bright blue eyes that draw you wanting more! He is the naughty one of the twins and seems to be enjoying showing off his body which he works hard to maintain with lots of football anNoah Is Tall Muscular Shows Us His Big Uncut Cock Long And TYoung lad Zane is a straight lad with a naughty edge! Hes lean and smooth, and obviously keen to show off a bit!Young lad Joey is a handsome straight guy, cute face, lean fit body - and keen for a bit of showing off!Marcus has been personal training for a while and he recently did a few strip jobs and what a natural step to come and show off his body for us. He is one of these lads who grows more confident the less he wears and he is great at teasing us along the wayKian is a very fit bodied man who seems to thrive on camera the less he has on and the less he has on the harder one muscles becomes! Kian has always played a lot of rugby and when playing with the team he is a personal trainer and who wouldnt want muscleStraight personal trainer Josh is feeling very horny today and he is not the only one Josh cant wait to get his hands all over this fit PT and it is not long before he is on his knees sucking on a big, hard, uncut cock straight hunk Josh is very aroused, Englishlads - Model: Max TayleDeclan is a young man still in his teens, though he has a body of someone olderRufus Fitzroy is a confident stunning looking lad - tall, lean and muscular, he is handsome and has every reason to be comfortable showing off his body.Connor is new to modelling, he did one shoot for our sister website and was up for doing some moreChristian is a young man from Italy, he works as a personal trainer and pumps his muscles pretty much every day.Harry is a young man who has played many sports and works as a personal trainerStraight young hunk Tyler is well into fitness, when not doing gymnastics he is training for MMA and when not looking after his own body he is busy working as a personal trainer. Tyler has a great physique, his muscles are pretty bold and in your face, heMost young men who play rugby seem to enjoy being naked and Martin is no exception, one of these young men relaxed about showing off his body and once his cock is out he is even more cheeky and confident.Will is an athletic young man who has discovered it can be quite liberating to strip and wank on camera!Finn is a handsome strapping young straight lad - strong and muscular, when he takes his clothes off you see a stunning athletic bodyJavier is a young man with a great body, having spent years wrestling combined with working hard at the gym he has one of these broad set bodies with great definition.Englishlads - Model: Kyle MartinI hadnt seen Tom for almost a year when he just popped up and said he would try doing a little further and what a great job he does. He starts off getting a very relaxing massage given by massage expert Cameron and before you know it Cameron has Toms boxeYoung Playful Straight Pup Rufus Plays With Joels Big Uncut Jerry brought his cousin along for his photo shoot and the boys have way too much fun together, Jerry is stripped naked by his cousin Henry and Jerry doesnt have to do much in his own solo shoot.Albie Wicks is a man made of pure muscle! This solid lad is very handsome and was made for modelling I think! His blond hairWe have been on quite a journey with both Jack and Cameron, they have both taken their own router, Jack slightly leading the charge and Cameron along a similar curve, just being a little more cautious. Both lads have been very protective about their holesToni was originally a little shy about letting a guy play with him, but we did the photo shoot with Ricky, and he has relaxed into the idea more nowStewart is one of those young men who continue to get more handsome and doesnt he look great sat astride a big fat uncut cock! Today Josh and Stewart have a light kiss and feel up each other and two hard uncut cocks are soon being pulled out their boxers,Rufus is one of these confident young straight men who is happy to do some experimentation on camera in exchange for a generous payment, so today he shows us what happens when a straight athletic man pumps his hole with a dildo!Joe and Casias are two tall, muscular straight lads, who look really great, toned, fit and handsome.Young straight lad Zane isnt shy, he is one of these young men is naked at home and doesnt mind wandering round if people want to have a look.Joel Jenkins has modelled for us many times, but he was previously reluctant about doing too much contact with guys, however for this video weve paired him with Dominic Moore - who has a way of relaxing straight lads and getting them to play a bit!These two lads are boyfriends and are happy to get down to some action in front of the camera - theyre both broad muscly guys - obviously work hard at the gym, massive chestsConall is a well built, handsome lad, packed with muscle this guy has a formidable bodyHarry is a tall muscular young man, solidly built with a massive upper body and solid legs - hes played lots of sports and worked as a PT.Handsome straight lad Rufus has been paired with Jack Harper todayRufus is fresh back from playing with a dildo and today he lets his cock get massaged by another man and Andrew is the lucky one to be the first man to touch Rufuss cock!This is one of those shoots where both models are on an adventure and straight lad Jack suck his first cock and Liam wanks his first cock and gets his first man blow!Former Royal Marine Tyler has been busy recently fucking all these guys and today he pops another straight lad cherry and is the first to fuck straight young hunk Cameron! Cameron did a great job at getting it doggie and it wasnt til he sat on Tyler that Jon has been paired with Tyler, straight former Royal Marine Commando who today proves sometimes you cant follow orders! I suppose it was quite a challenge it all started off with Jon blowing Tyler who proved how to properly deep throat. So it came to TylYoung lad Otto is incredibly fit, he's muscular but lean with it, and has the most ripped body and the most incredible set of abs.David is back in London after a few months away and today he agreed to let me push his boundaries and he lets Dominic give him a good body massage.Ricky is one of these young straight men who seems to enjoy surprising us and today he not only gets his first blow job from a guy, but clearly enjoys it more than just a little. Check out his face as former royal marine Tyler goes down and shows off his Rowan did a shoot for FYM just over 4 years in 2014 when he was just 18 and some four years on he is backEnglishlads - Model: Gareth NewbyRyan Kent has proved that hes happy to have his boundaries pushed so today weve paired him with handsome cheeky up for it lad Dominic Moore.Charles is a young man who trains hard for his sport, fitness is key with Muay Thai and all his fitness has created a great physique.These lads are quite opposites, Jack is tall and lean and about 78 kgs and Frankie is shorter with big muscles and about 92kgs! Though they both are straight and today Frankie for the first time wanks off another guy and what a great job he does!Finlay is a tall lean footballer, short hair, handsome face and amazing talent in his undies!James is a tall sexy lad - he's up on the roof garden again in the hot sun and got his favourite toy in his hand!Finlay is a laid back lad, a gentle giant standing just over 6тАЩ1 he is tall and lean with nice definition and has bright blue eyes. One other outstanding feature is a rather large uncut cock!Englishlads - Model: Kyle MartinStraight Hunk Finns 1st Manhandling He Wanks Jacks Big UncutEnglishlads - Model: Angel & LeeJoe is back for an adventure and he is partnered with Casias who was massaged in his last shoot and today Joe and Casias wank each other.Tom is a tall very handsome guy - sporty, muscular and solid, this guy is in the peak of fitness. His blond hairHenry Kane was persuaded by his cousin Jerry Manson to come along and do this shoot - hes naturally a bit more shy than his cousin.Albie is a real hunk of a guy - solidly muscled and stunningly handsome with it, he's got an incredible physique and today has a nice tan to show off on his body too.Albie is a young straight muscular man weighing in at mid 90kgs and today he enjoys showingTravis did a shoot for our sister website and really enjoyed showing off his body.Conall is a big young man, he is just over six feet tall and weighs 95 kgs and goes through the shoot really enjoying showing off on camera.Blake is a young man who was very slim and he says skinny when he was 18 and look what happened he matched his body to his cock size!Dominic always seems to know how to relax a straight guy - and he works his magic again today.Englishlads - Model: Dan CurrenLewis is an amazingly fit looking guy, with bags of confidence - the perfect model!Max is a young man who has played loads of football and enjoys going to the gym, his body is nicely toned and defined and covered in lots of hair.Connor is one of these young straight lads who has started to warmTwo new straight young men today, Jack is just 18 and Mark is 24, both did a solo shoot for our sister website and today they come and enjoy themselves on EL and try a few new things.Jack has been worried about going further than his massage, so this I hope is our step to seeing a cock in his hand, fingers crossed.If you like muscle, then you'll like Conall!Aiden did a photo shoot with Ricky earlier, but for the video shoot we paired him with Casey - Aiden is a hung young lad with a great muscular bodyBest friends Luca and Bailey did a shoot for our sister website and those were solo shootsConnor is a handsome young straight lad who could be persuaded to do a bit of experimentation!Albie is right up for a devious session and who better to bring out his devious side than naughty Chris!Englishlads - Model: Brace LevittEnglish Lads free porn gallery set 351Frankie Foster is a tall muscular lad, he looks great - handsome and blondMartin is a handsome lad - blond, fresh faced, this straight guy plays a lot of sport and in particular rugby - it shows on his body.Mason is a confident and smiley young man, handsome and keen to show off, hes very sporty and plays a lot of football. Hes definitely got footballers legsBest mates Jack and Marco are both incredibly relaxed stripping down and getting naked together.Hudson Scott is a great looking lad - strong, muscular and easy to shoot - he enjoys showing off his physique and his big uncut cock!Both Liam and Jack have their boundaries pushed in this shoot - Liam is newer to the adventuresEnglishlads - Model: Dan CurrenRyans journey is coming on nicely and today paired with cheeky straight pup Dom his boundaries are pushed and Ryan does a great job at wanking Doms massive uncut cock.Martin Ivanov is a young guy with an incredible physique - his body is solid muscle, he gyms a lot and quite rightly seems relaxed to show off his work!Matteo is a stunning looking guy - lean and really muscular hes got that perfect athletic look, combined with the handsome face and beautiful cock its the whole package!Tom is a keen sportsman plays lots of rugby and plenty of gym sessions and what a great body has come from all that work.Straight Young Pup Brad Wanks His 1st Man Big Joels Uncut CoHudson Scott appeared on our sister website and his ripped muscular body proved very popularCasias and Joel are two tall handsome straight lads - beautfiul lean and muscular bodies, both very good looking.Tim is a hot looking young lad, lean and fit, he did loads of swimming as a youngster and as a result looks great.Tom is back for a new stage of his development, he made quite an impression last time letting his cock be massaged and today he is with confident and cheeky young Dominic who helps make Tom relaxed and enjoy wanking his first man.Otto is a young man who at just eighteen has a great physique, many years of rugby and athletics has given him great muscles and such great definition.Max is a fit young man, handsome and easy going, he has a welcoming smile, that belies a naughty edge!Jamie and Rowan are two brothers who are really relaxed being naked in each other's company, so I thought we'd make the most of it and go up to the roof garden with them!Young lad Liam Cullen is a tall, lean man, with a mop of blonde hair and smooth bodyYoung lad Otto is a fresh faced athlete - he has a great body, lean but strong, he does a lot of exercise and it shows - hes keen to show off his physique and his lovely long uncut cock too - hes big, and gets hard easily.This young man Frankie is a personal trainer and he enjoys helping people reach their fitness goalsYoung athlete Otto is all hormones and really enjoys getting naked and showing off his tall and lean nicely muscled bodyEnglishlads - Model: Darian HawkShane is a tall handsome lad, with a very lean tattooed body, hes got a natural confidence about him, and is very relaxed being naked.Best mates Luca and Bailey don't seem to mind being naked in front of each other and wanking one out!Martin is a young man who enjoys working out at the gym and another of these lads who is much more relaxed when wearing no clothes!Lester came to the shoot with his best friend Max whose photos went online a week ago and today Max does quite a few walk-on rolls coming into Lesters shoot on quite a few occasions.Lucas is a young footballer, tall well built and strong, this handsome lad is a little shyToni wasnтАЩt sure a man should be touching his cockYou can never really predict which models are likely to let me push their boundaries, when I first started talking to Matteo about letting a guy touch his cock he seemed very casual about it.Matteo is a confident young Italian man, his body is raging full of hormones and he is never happier than when naked and playing with his uncut cock.Joel and Eddie are two muscular straight men who have big uncut cocks!Frankie is a muscular straight lad who wasnt sure another man should be touching his cockTwo straight lads with big uncut cocks wanking each other and shooting so much cum, do I need say any more!Adrian is a young man on a mission he has been to all the right schools and now just over 18 likes the idea that he is doing something that he shouldnt do and hold that thought in your mind for a minute. He strips off a few clothes and down to his boxers Englishlads - Model: Donny James

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