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Today I had an interesting call. An apparently young guy was on the phone telling me that he had problems with a bank and a phone company. So far nothing new.Another boy who claimed to be straight as hell. Well, the only straight thing I have seen was his erected dick when he had to jerk in front of me. But let me start right at the beginning. I got a call from a certain boy who wanted to meet me at daytime. QIt is always shocking for me to see how these young guys get into debts so early.Another friday morning, and I feel so horny. Not that I dont have enough regular sex during the week, but of course sex recorded on my cam means more excitement.So its time to introduce the General. Of course he has a real name. But he prefers to stay anonymous. He is one of my oldest friends and he served in the Czech Army many years. He is a tough guy who likes discipline. As he is gay his fetish is control andMy friend Jiri from Czechhunter told me that students always need money. When he is hunting fresh meat on the street students are usually an easy catch. Thats why I was surprised that no student called me so far. But today it happened. The boy already tolI recently told a close friend of mine about our new agency. He asked me if I didnt have a bad conscience taking advantage of poor straight boys and their debts. I told him not at all. Because after all we help them. I consider that as a great offer unlesOn this glorious afternoon, Ive received a call from a young man. He sounded very stressed out and in a hurry to solve his financial situation. Well Ive decided to help him sort his troubles out and fulfill my own sexual urge. He lived in an old building,Another day. Another appointment. Another guy who lost his job. When I came there I met a strong man in his early 30s who tried to appear as cool as he could. He had a nice apartment which was well-furnished. Believe me - his standard of living was above Hi everybody. Please let me introduce introduce myself: Im Martins new partner - a new Dandy.When I notice that a guy doesnt want to play my games I usually give up. Not this time. I got a call from this boy two days before. He wanted the appointment at the late evening. As he was working as a waiter. No problem for me. When I came there he firstdebt dandy set 13Kevin alone at home - I dont know why but I had to think about that movie the whole time when I visited my last client. But I better start right from the beginning. I got a call this afternoon. On the other end of the line was a guy with a quite young voiYesterday I visited again the suburbs of Prague. A young client with a migrational background called me that he had serious financial issues.The deal is easy: You need money! Ok, so we visit you at home. Alone. And be aware: we have a camcorder to document a correct counseling. So far so good. But what happens if I cannot visit the client at home because his parents are there! Well, I agreed tFree gallery Debt Dandy!!!Our General taught me to live my fetishes. He taught me to even be an asshole sometimes when it comes to enjoy my life. Those boys who call us want money. And they get it. A lot of it. We pay all their debts so it is just fair to get something in return. Some boys are really funny. They call you and ask for help. And if you tell them the conditions for an appointment you know: we meet alone, I bring a camcorder to document my genuine counseling etc. they start to discuss them. In this case he insisted thaWhen we decided to start our agency we expected that all the boys who are calling live in a rather messy surrounding. Well, I already found out that that was not the truth. But this time the guy totally surprised me. He lived in an expensive apartment. MoIt is not so easy to get a loan in the Czech Republic these days. Especially not if you are young and dont have a good job or no job at all. Thats why most guys who call me have lost their jobs recently. They want to keep their standard of living as long I loved my job. But when I visited Jiri from Czechhunter half a year before and when I saw that his little homepage allowed him to cancel his old job - I was really jealous. My name is Jan and I am a sales-guy from Prague. Some people call me a bit arrogaBecause of my job I already became used to dirty places. I dont know why but I think once people get too desperate they seem to even forget about the place where they are living. The guy who called me today seemed to be really messy. He lived in a villageEvery week I meet new young men. They all have something in common: their debts. I always listen to their stories. How it happened and why. But every now and then I meet some special guys who have a special story to tell. This time I got a call from a youIt was a rainy late afternoon when I had a meeting with a young man who apparently was in financial needs. So far nothing new. But usually people dont let me wait. And actually I was almost about to leave again when he finally showed up. He was just shoppAnother client who couldnt even welcome me at his home. So I invited him to a small restaurant. We talked about all. His debts, his work, his problems and so on. Even I was a little bit nervous as I noticed that the guests around started to listen to our Today I received an email from a guy who lived quite far away. He answered to one of our online ads. But as he attached a face picture I agreed to visit him. It was a quite long way to the north of Bohemia. I arrived a bit later than expected but when he Free gallery Debt Dandy!!!One thing that I like about my job is that I get so close to a boys living. They have to let me into their private surroundings. I can see more about their character and living when I come there than anybody else could ever know when he sees him on the stToday I picked Ziskov, a very dirty and dodgy part of Prague. Straight after my todays little boy opened the door, I knew I am at Ziskov. Wearing horrible, purple, 70s like shirt. He looked like a cheap version of John Travolta from Saturday night fever. Oh, I love Friday so much. Guess why!! Its a day in a week when I get to share my latest adventure with you folks.We went through the usual procedure of me asking about their debts and getting back the ridiculous answers about how much they owe to this friend and that company.Was not my day so far. I met a boy earlier.When you get a call you never know how the boys will look like. Usually they look quite good. If they dont or if they are too old I usually leave. But I always get nervous when they are muscle-boys. Because I never know how they will react! So far I have The world is sometimes small. Just one week ago my new colleague had an appointment in a social housing compound. Now I got a call from a guy who was also living there. Well, I decided to ask Jan if he could visit him there as he knows the area already. WThis was the first time I went for an appointment with a young troubled guy, who lived in the house.I had very special mood today. Couldnt decide which young man to visit for my money advisor project. Because even if they sound nice on the phone they can still look horrible upon arrival. Today my clients apartment seemed surprisingly tidy and nice. I diMy phone was ringing early today. Another desperate fish in our Czech sea needs my assistance to solve money issues.I am always curious how the boys look like who called me to come. And I am always looking forward to see how they are living. When the stairs lead downstairs towards a cellar-apartment I already know that nothing good is going to expect me. Like today - wOur agency is now online about 3 months. We have had many calls already. Our quota so far is 3:1. That means that every third guy agrees to our immoral offer. I would even say that most of the guys look nice. This time I had a call from somebody who livedI woke up today a little bit late. But I noticed that I already had 3 missed calls that morning. As nobody used the answering machine I called that person back. The guy on the other end had a sexy voice. But he seemed to be nervous and shy. I promised to I am gay. But I am into straight boys. It is a big turn-on for me to see them do things that they normally wouldnt even think about. Our General made an appointment today in a small city close to Prague. And it seems like he has some sort of special luck I dont like alcohol very much. My father was drinking and I had some bad experiences during my childhood. Please dont get me wrong - I have no problems going out with my friends to a pub. But I dont like if a client was drinking before an appointment. WheFree gallery Debt Dandy!!!It was one of those cold winter days which I really hate. A mix of snow and rain and cold wind ruined my mood. I was on my way to a guy who has sent me an email already one week before. When I checked my spam folder yesterday I finally noticed it. So I caThe urge to fuck was strong. But as there were almost one week no new applicants I opened my mailbox and randomly picked an older one.What actually is a regular guy! I am sorry for asking but I am not a native speaker. Is it the guy next door! Well, if it is the guy next door than I today met a regular guy par excellence. He looked good - though he wasnt a beauty. He had that charm of iThe General had a very bad mood this morning. Some client called him on his private mobile. I was out of office. And as the client called already 4 times our secretary decided to give him The Generals number. To make it short - he finally calmed down agaiStupidity and lack of thinking brought him into the situation without any normal or decent solution.Please let me introduce Jan, our new colleague. He recently joined our team and is eager to proof his counseling abilities. He has a funny attitude towards his job. He doesnt consider sex as sinful at all. Not even the fact that most of the clients are stWhen somebody calls our number they are usually shy and nervous because they have debts. This boy was different. He called us, he told us about a nice amount and he was even smiling on the phone. That indeed was a challenge for The General. When he visiteWhat I saw today was just horrible. When the guy opened the door I was amazed. Amazed until I walked into his apartment. It was just a dirty and filthy shit hole. Mess all around the place, cigarettes and empty alcohol bottles. I almost lost my sex appetiMy todays pick was a young gipsy guy living on the outskirts of Prague.I had a mood for some real kinky and educational act today.To find young dudes for my little, evil project is sometimes easier then you would think.I was so exhausted and about to crush into the bed but suddenly my phone rang.Free gallery Debt Dandy!!!This was indeed a surprise. I didnt expect todays client to live in such a nice area - even in a house.It was a long ride to get to my todays meeting.When I arrived in todays clients apartment at the top-floor of an old building he seemed not to be quite aware of his situation.Another friday arrived. I bet you are as exhausted as I am after work week. To cheer you up a bit I went out with my cam again to help solve some money issues.As you can imagine not all of my clients look young and cute.I hope you all survived the christmas parties and the hangover is already over.I happen to be out of Prague this time. Almost had to drive for two hours. But one has to suffer to get what he wants.I have just met one of the most beautiful boy. Living only a few meters away from my own apartment. He was without a job, money and his girlfriend didnt know a thing.So finally the Xmas is here and we are looking forward to new years eve.Todays pick was a Russian guy.So its my second appointment. His place looked average.The lowest debt ever. This young fella needs only 11,000.You need money! Ok, Ill come over and hear you out. And maybe Ill help you out.Todays little brother in debts looked really really young. He lived in a nice building so I expected a nice flat. But it was a dirty and ugly place, with disgusting smell. He even wanted to smoke in front of me! Once again, he wanted to live higher standaSo young and already in such a big trouble.This summer feeling as they call it, is making me so horny. Almost couldnt wait for this week to get the right call. The chance to pay the debts of young Czechs. With the high temperature I wasnt very picky and chose the first guy in my mail box. ImmediatTodays mission took me to the outskirts of Prague.Free gallery Debt Dandy!!!Free gallery Debt Dandy!!!Once again I went to help out another young dude in debts.Free gallery Debt Dandy!!!Free gallery Debt Dandy!!!My young client today was quite desperate.With this job I discovered for myself that Czechs do not have a typical face pattern.As they say, Christmas is always around the corner. And today I felt like on an Xmas eve. I didnt find a presents under the Xmas tree but I got myself a little sweet cutie.I had to take a long ride to get to the house of my todays toyboy. Just another flat in an communist-style apartment-building. He was a young troubled dude with huge debts. They are almost all the same. Not really looking for work, just to find an easy so

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