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How comfortable! A small mountain hotel with Chester, the cook, and Lucky, the waiter. In the hotel attic, there is a beautiful room, and both of them are staying in it. Chester is 21, and he has worked in the hotel for more than a year. Lucky has worked Chester arrived in Prague with a group of buddies to spend a wild weekend. Some of the boys still havent decided which bar they want to start the evening in, and so Chester goes to the nearest bar for his first drink of the day. The barman Carl Baxter is Adams first sexual experienceAt Sauna Labyrinth, a pair of guys who regularly meet there are relaxing together, and of course each of them knows the other very well. A very interesting situation happens almost always whenever someone totally new is discovered. And thats what has justJames Young cannot resist the seduction...Dorian enjoys jerking at his laptopIts morning, and the other boys in the house are still asleep. Benjamin is just now returning from the shower. Danton Gary has woken up, and like every morning he is masturbating in his bed. There are probably a lot of guys who would like to be in the shoBjrn Gedda is the most gorgeous guy at the entire warehouse. Everyone would like to see him naked at least once, but so far none of the other guys has managed to get in bed with Bjrn. Today Bjrn has a problem. He needs to carry some material to another flJoshua and Jeremy in the locker room. The sauna is very pleasant, and a gay sauna! Ohhh... even more! Joshua Campi and Jeremy Stoor are really horny after spending two hours at Sauna Club Labyrinth! Looking at naked bodies and at pairs of guys sucking eacToday, Ennio, a guy who works in his fathers company, has a free day. Later in the morning, he goes to the gym, and then takes his car to the car wash and has a seat at a local cafe in order to handle a few e-mails on his laptop. While drinking coffee, heCHRIS HOLLANDER and STEVE WENDE, are neighbours and are waiting at the airport for the arrival of their friend from Mexico ALI MONTERO. Ali is an unknown boy for Steve, but that doesnt matter. The atmosphere is great, and Chris invites both boys to his apKevin Krause, Thierry Aulin and Jason Knightley enjoy a true winter in the mountains. There is snow all around them. These guys have discovered a beautiful and abandoned observation deck, where all three have kissed and even wanted to try a threesome. ButAll of the guys are taking a trip to the surroundings. Only Chris Hollander wants to stay behind, be lazy and read a book. Danton Gary has been waiting for a long time already for a chance to be alone with Chris. And today he finally has a chance to enjoyCITY LIFE directed by Robert Boggs is a very popular series. At, you can see all of the episodes from this series. These inlcude scenes with the very well liked cook Paul Valery BelAmi, stories about the young manager Benjamin Bloom BelAmiAriel ARIEL VANEAN comes to the city. He is in a big city that he does not know at all for the first time. At the main railway station, he meets sprayer Kevin. Kevin KEVIN BREEZE, a cute boy, asks Ariel to try spray painting, and both boys become friends.Before opening, it is necessary to replenish goods and prepare the bar for the evening opening time. Pierre Berling is a barman and will be working a shift today. However, now its afternoon, and Pierre meets Mark Zebro downtown. Both gorgeous guys get intJay is a sprayer, and almost every day he spray paints with his friends in various places. Thomas is not a sprayer, but Jay has told us that they are good buddies and especially that while spraying today in a delapidated building a short distance away froAn athletic team is staging a summer cross country race through Northern Bohemia, just after a sweaty game of beach volley-ball. It is very hot all around, so the runners take time off to share some fun. Others meet some very physical tests at various cheDanton Gary is in the kitchen preparing breakfast for the other boys, when Steve Weaver, who just woke up a while ago, walks in. His dick is hard, like every morning. It doesnt take long, and Steves tongue begins licking Dantons freshly showered ass, and Colin Reeves and Jerome Raynolds fucking in a cellarThe boys are playing volleyball in the afternoon, but its obvious that soon it will begin to rain. The boys leave, and Steve, Chris Hollander and Mike Hassell shower together. Their sexual fantasies get them so excited, that they decide to have a threesomIts summer, and a group of guys decide to escape from the scalding hot city and go to the countryside. Jeff JEFFREY FOSTER and Todd TODD MAURO are already thinking probably too much about a refreshing swim in the cold water and afternoon sex in nature andIts summer, and a group of guys decide to escape from the scalding hot city and go to the countryside. Lukas LUKAS PRIBYL is 20 years old, and summer is his favorite season. He and Benjamin BENJAMIN DUNN make a nice pair. Lukas and Benjamin are not only hJames and Adam in the fitnessExam time is coming, and Rudy RUDY BLACK is studying intensively at home. Of course, Jacob JACOB PAYNE has completely different thoughts in his head. He rings Rudys door bell, and thats the end of studying! What can be more pleasant than to let yourself gThe weekend in Prague is beginning for four friends, Mark, Benjamin, Bryan and Niall, and it is really sexy to watch them for a while. As soon as the boys get to the suite, they examine it extensively and begin a small pillow fight in the living room. TheHi, my name is Val Horner, and Im 23 years old. Some of you probably know me from movies and scenes that I have been in for BelAmi. What could I tell you about myself! I like the color blue, soccer, surprises, oral sex, going to the movies, the sea, absolLukas LUKAS PRIBYL is 20 years old, and summer is his favorite season. He and Benjamin BENJAMIN DUNN make a nice pair. Lukas and Benjamin are not only handsome, but also friendly and fun guys! They spent the entire weekend swimming in the lake and discoveRudy Black and Adam Ross are not really friends. Rudy met Adam two months ago in a night bar. That evening, Adam didnt have a place to sleep, so Rudy invited him to his home. That evening they had sex. Adam visits Rudy only occasionally and unexpectedly. Its morning, and Justin Justin Conway and Maxim Maxim Moira are already full of energy! They have run from the shower and are chasing each other in front of the house. Sleepy Lukas Lukas Pribyl has come out of his room and is in front of the house, and boNine of the most gorgeous Czech guys star in one of the most successful movies from AYOR Studios. Adam Kubick and Julian Benet Luke Hamill have remained in the gym alone after training. While the other guys from the soccer team are in the showers and in tVal and Thor are tossing a frisbee...Four horny boys stroke and suck each others cocksThe other boys are at the lake, but Kevin is just now waking up in his tent on the beach. He goes to the washroom and meets Jakub, one of his friends. Jakub tries to lure him to the lake to swim, but Kevin doesnt want to yet. Jakub knows what works for KeMatt Woody, Ryan Quaid and Kevin Kraus have gone to the zoo! They are exploring the pavilions with elephants, gorillas, polar bears and other exotic animals. A young orangutan began spontaneously kissing Kevin through the glass. This was truly an unexpectDavid Gold could play cards with his handsome roommate all night. But Val Horner is not doing well in the game and is already looking forward to bed. Val cannot be convinced, and so David ends up in the room alone with just the playing cards and a major dIts summer and unbearably hot in the city. Its a perfect time to escape the city. A few good freinds have gathered their shorts, swimsuits, backpacks and tent and headed for the countryside. Lukas Pribyl and Timothy Grant are already near the lake, but thRyan and Ian in the mountainsMexican boy Ali Montero meets a spanish-speaking boy Javies Perez in a night club in Prague. For several hours, they stroll together through the city at night, and in the late morning they meet again and have wild sex at Javiers home.Where can matchmaking take place! CHRIS HOLLANDER and BLAKE FERRER met each other for the first time at the post office. Chris was attracted to Blake, who was carrying a huge package. He held the door for him and waited for him in front of the post officeRobert Hall is a hunter! He often makes contact with new boys on the internet. Today he is waiting at the bus station for MILO MILIS, a boy from Poland. How will it turn out!Ali is a 21-year-old boy who lives and studies in Mexico. He most enjoys soccer and everything related to it. His brother Sergio studies in Prague, and Ali has just spent a month in the Czech Republic, during which he traveled, made new friends and had fuMy friend Ryan and I have lived together in the same apartment for some time already. We each have our own room, but we often cook together, watch movies together in the evening and have conversations. Ryan is a soccer player, and I am currently jobless. Mario and Chester are enjoying their daily dose of sex in the mountains.Its summer and unbearably hot in the city.All of the boys left the city, but Jay JAY OZZY remained behind and is devoting himself to his favorite pastime, spray painting graffiti. However, in the ruins of a dilapidated building on the edge of town, hes noJan JAN CORES is returning home and in front of his building meets a boy who is carrying a lot of bags JUSTIN BOYLE. He is the kind of boy that Jan always wanted to meet, and as of today he is his new roommate! On the same day, Jan gets the opportunity toRudy Black and Maxim Moira plan to cool off in the lake after a game of patang. When changing into their swimsuits, both guys end up naked and completely alone together in the changing room, and when Maxims penis presses against Rudys body from behind, itNewcomer Justin! Justin is a boy who has never had any experience with another boy yet. He is one of the boys who are at this cottage this weekend. Justin was adjusting his hair in the bathroom in the morning, when Steve walked in, the boy who at night arSex with an unknown guy in front of a web cam is an activity that many guys enjoy. And today this activity was enjoyed by Shane Barrett, 22 who likes soccer, lives alone and mostly enjoys masturbating, sometimes up to 3 times per day! Shane came home fromJan and Sam have sex in the hotel wellness centerIts nearly midnight, and all of the guys, who are spending the weekend all by themselves in this old village house, are sitting by the fire in the evening, roasting sausages and drinking beer. Danton Gary and Matt Loree have been looking at each other sinIts night, wood is burning in the furnace, and Chris, Danton and Justin Conway are playing cards. After a while, Danton and Justin decide they want to go to sleep, and so only Chris remains by the warm furnace. Chris Hollander, who is very horny by then, Danton Gary and Andre Aston toss a Frisbee naked on the beach, and then they enjoy sex under the hot summer sun. Danton Gary is a 19-year-old boy from the Czech Republic. He works as a waiter in a club and has typical interests like most boys his age. He Justin Boyle is a 19-year-old boy from a city apartment complex. He doesnt work anywhere. He always spends the entire day with his friends, and he lives together with two of them in a rented apartment. Justin often likes to experiment in sex. He has a meeDAMIAN DICKEY fuck NICK KELSONA couple of guys are enjoying the weekend in a village house. There is a swing hanging on a tree in the yard, and Danny Gell is swinging on it almost naked, only in his shorts. Horny Benjamin Dunn is watching him. Suddenly, Benjamin can no longer stand itWorker Jan Cores met Kile Wilkonson, a tourist from Wales, at an old closed railway station and then fucked him in his suite. Kile has been to Prague several times. He has a few friends here and always stays in a suite near the city center. When looking oThis is one of the first scenes filmed with Luke Hamill then known under the stage name Julian Benett Luke Hamill goes into the sauna, where only one boy is sitting Mike. Both boys curious glimpses at each other cause their dicks to become hard quickly. BSean likes to meet new guys on the internet. Live chat with someone unknown is an exciting experience, especially when a cute guy shows himself on a webcam. Thats whats going on today, and it even seems that a personal meeting may occur. Sean and Lucas liFinding housing in a large city is not easy, and so Elias, a student, is happy to accept an offer from his friend Jayden and become Jaydens roommate.Meeting Jack was rather easy. Sebastian was sitting on the patio of the apartment in Prague,where he was chatting on his laptop trying to find a guy. Sebastian found Jacks profile and his nice photos. After that, everything happend quickly as usual. He evJoshua and Benjamin still dont know each other very well, because Benjamin is only a part-time employee in this bar and has not been for very long. Both boys have already worked a few shifts behind the bar together, but Joshua has not yet had such a sexy Its Joshua Blacks birthday, and his boyfriend Ariel Vanean BelAmi is buying gifts for him and looking forward to todays celebration. But quite a surprise awaits him at home! Watch the scene today. Joshua is already celebrating at home. He is kissing and cMatt Woody, Ryan Quaid and Kevin Kraus have gone to the zoo! They are exploring the pavilions with elephants, gorillas, polar bears and other exotic animals. A young orangutan began spontaneously kissing Kevin through the glass. This was truly an unexpect

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