Hookup Stories: Travis Troy

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Travis Stevens
Troy Accola
Anal College Hardcore Twinks

Its time for another exciting edition of, Hookup Stories! As always, this installment opens with a salacious sex story, and, this time, its Troy Accola in the hot seat! Lets just say, our hookup whore doesnt skimp on one detail during his delivery! He shares it all, from the eye fucking, to the sexual tension, and finally the red hot climax...and EVERYTHING in between! Troy even delves into the delicious TASTE of the dudes dick! As you know, with Hookup Stories, when the models tell their tale, they then put their other skills on display immediately after. It is the perfect time, since theyve usually gotten all horned up, having just relived their hot hookup! Today Troy is in for a treat, because hes paired with fan fav fuck star, Travis Stevens! With his fresh, tight clipped fade, Travis is looking extra studly, and you can tell hes feeling it too. Theres a certain sexed up swagger he has as he kisses Troy, feet firmly planted, strong with heavy cock confidence. Then, he kicks back on the bed, and lets Accola come to him. PimpMove Like a moth to a bright burning flame, Troy comes. He kneels at the foot of the bed, and takes Stevens sizeable

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